Match Recap: Real Madrid v Celta Vigo

29 Apr

I love group hugs

I love group hugs. Group hugs make me happy. Like wins, which also give me warm fuzzies.

I’m going to make this one pretty quick, as our turn around between matches is quite short this week.

Toni has at least improved the font on his photoshop skills.

Dani posted this shot of himself on Instagram. I’m very disappointed that he’s not giving us pre-match selfies.

I know perspective creates a bigger illusion of how tall Varane is, but he really makes Marcelo look tiny tiny tiny here.

I always imagine Jese as a cast member of Jersey Shore.

Arbeloa posted this dramatic video and I just shook my head.

Illarra posted this photo. He works so hard.

And, prior to the match, Nacho posted about his brother (and our former player) Alex’s goal for Espanyol.

I can’t with that last .gif of Sergio. I don’t even know what’s going on there. In my head he’s thinking “I know kung fu” and attempting to demonstrate his knowledge. Do you think he’s envisioning Morpheus standing in front of him? And then there’s that blank look in his eyes.


Celta Vigo: Sergio Alvarez; Hugo Mallo, Gustavo Cabral, Andreu Fontas, Jonny; Augusto Fernandez, Michael Krohn-Dehli; Fabian Orellana, Santi Mina, Nolito; Joaquin Larrivey

Real Madrid: Iker Casillas; Dani Carvajal, Sergio Ramos, Raphael Varane, Marcelo; Toni Kroos, Isco, Illarra; Cristiano Ronaldo, Chicharito, James Rodriguez

Cute, Iker

Pre-Match Besos!!!!

The noise in Galicia was amazing as the match kicked off and (no surprise) we took possession early.

Dani was doing work down the right hand side but Celta were threatening quite well. Every time Crispy got on the ball, their defense was right there to strip him of it.

We got ourselves a corner in the 9th minute but it was cleared by Larrivey. The clearance set off a Celta attack and Nolito beat both Sergio and Varane. He shot to the bottom corner and beat Iker.

Why does it always take an early goal for us to wake up? I don’t like it!

Also, Sergio ran the length of the pitch with his boot in his hand. It was an interesting sight. But nothing was going to stop him from trying to defend the Celta attack.

Varane, who had made a couple of early clearances for us, was looking slightly shaky. He just wasn’t the confident defender I love seeing. He wasn’t poor. He just wasn’t his usual self (I’m a tough crowd).

In the 16th minute, we got our response from none other than our very own superhero. Toni “Jeremy Renner/Hawkeye” Kroos! Cris worked excellently into the box, like he does. He sent a low cross in that was cleared out to Toni at the top of the box and BOOM! Goal Jeremy Kroos!

I love goals from our guys that don’t score a lot. Basically I love goals but it’s much more special when it’s from someone that doesn’t score much.

In the 21st minute there was a nasty clash of heads between Larrivey and The Pony. Larrivey looked the worse for it and left the pitch briefly after stoppage of play. He then returned wearing what looked like a swim cap. *Insert concussion protocol rant here*

We scored our second goal in the 24th minute. Who was it? It was the Little Pea of course! Really can he do anything wrong at the moment?!

Chicharito and James combined well and our real life Santi Muñez slotted past the keeper at a tight angle.

I love how excited he is to score. It’s genuine elation and it warms my cold ginger heart. So suck it, Thierry Henry! (Really, he was a genius player but he was an ass in his comments about Chicharito’s goal celebration after the Atleti match)

We had the lead, but it didn’t last long. In the 28th minute Celta got their second. Mina got a little lucky but was also smart to beat the offside trap. As he shot to the bottom corner, it bounced off the post and he was there to tap in his own wayward shot.

What a game! 30 minutes played and already 4 goals on the board!

Celta continued threatening. Our defense was shaky, as I said. Orellana was almost in but it was Kroos that slid in at the right time. There were no clear chances for either team and the tempo of the match was very high. It was an exciting match!

Cris hit the post in the 41st minute and Celta managed to clear. Oy! But he was starting to find his groove and cause problems!


Juggy James (That’s always for you, jellyace) scored our 3rd goal in the 44th minute. Sir Tans-A-Lot dished off to James and his shot took a deflection before finding the back of the net.

He’s so smiley. It’s unnerving (oh god, I sound like Shigs).

Celta nearly responded right at the restart. They were immediately down in front of our goal, but The Pony was there to make the block. Thank the soccer gods for Sergio “I’m Too Pretty” Ramos!

And that was the half! Celta Vigo 2-3 Real Madrid!

Second Half:

No changes from either side to kick off the second half. And Celta gained possession well before Mallo had a shot that went wide of the post in the 48th minute.

The ref pulled out the first yellow card of the match in the 51st minute. Krohn-Dehli had gone in for a challenge on Kroos and called for a foul. The crowd, and Orellana, did not agree and Orellana was booked for dissent.

The second yellow of the match came shortly after, in the 53rd minute, when Jonny brought our lovely Chicharito to the ground.

In the 58th minute, we were lucky to not give away a penalty when Kroos brough Orellana down inside the box. I won’t lie, we were REALLY lucky.

Again, we were shaky and Celta were the team with all the chances. It was back and forth, with our counter attack increasingly dangerous but Celta keeping all the possession in the final third.

And then, in the 69th minute, we got another Chicharito goal!

Sergio played a ball over the top and Chicharito brought it down with great control before putting past the keeper for our fourth goal.

So much happy!

Celta made their first sub in the 70th minute as Bongonda replaced Orellana.

In the 73rd they made their second sub, with Larrivey being replaced by Charles, while we made our first. The Little Pea was replaced by Pepe to make sure we defended our lead. But I was sad Chicharito wouldn’t get a hattrick.

Celta’s final substitution was in the 75th minute. Hernandez replaced Mina.

Our second substitution was in the 82nd minute. We got some Jese in place of a tired Isco. I never tire of Isco. He made some beautiful plays during the match. His skill level still leaves me in awe and I know that he’s amazing.

Charles gave us a little bit of a fright in the 84th minute, but his header from a deep cross was wide of the post.

In the 85th minute, Sergio was booked for a late challenge on Fernandez. I was impressed (and slightly surprised) by the ref keeping the cards mostly in his pocket.

Our final sub was to give James a rest as Arbeloa came in for him in the 86th minute. That brought our defender total to 6 on the pitch at the same time. Interesting tactics by Ancelotti. I apologize, Mister, for ever calling your brand of football boring.

In the 90th minute both Krohn-Dehli and Carvajal were booked for dissent. I’m surprised that Dani doesn’t get booked for dissent more often, because he is so mouthy!

After four minutes of added time, the match was over. Celta Vigo 2-4 Real Madrid. We keep Barcelona in our sight!

Match Photos:

Post-Match Comments:

Ancelotti post match


“It was a really open game, a spectacular match”, added the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti highlighted his side’s achievement in coming away victorious from Balaídos in his post-match press conference: “We played a very good match, because if you win here it means that you have played well. Celta play very good football and we’re satisfied. The team is alive, it has a good attitude and we show that on the pitch”.

“Both teams like to take risks. I think that it was a very open game and the result in the end was a spectacular match. We were made to sweat at a number of points, but we were highly effective up front”.

Race for the title
“Our objective is to force Barça to win every game. That’s what the statistics say. At this moment in time we’re not thinking about other teams, but about what we have to do. We’re doing well and we’ll try to fight for La Liga until the final day, which is our objective”.

“He’s enjoying the period that he’s in, it’s a really good one. The whole team worked well. If Chicharito is in this form he’s non-negotiable, like Cristiano, Benzema, James, Bale, Ramos, Isco, Varane, Pepe… I have a team of non-negotiables, but only eleven can play and the rest stay on the bench”.

James post match


James Rodríguez spoke to the media after the win at Balaídos and declared that Real Madrid were well worth the three points: “It was a good match. Both teams played with a lot of intensity, it was a great game and we deserved the win. I think that the fans were able to enjoy a terrific game”.

“Celta looked to play and left spaces and, when there are spaces, Real Madrid are a lot more dangerous and have players who can take advantage of that. They were attacking a lot and I think that in the second half we managed to control the game”.

Season run-in
“I felt good out on the pitch, comfortable, but I want to highlight the work everyone did because I think that they put in an excellent match and it’s three points that mean we’re battling for La Liga to the end. We’re fighting for everything”.

“We’re thinking about La Liga and the Champions League, and we can only win and wait. There are five matchdays to go and we have to be focused at all times”.

“He’s in great form. He deserves what is happening to him now for the way he works in training and the patience he has shown”.


“The team is looking really good, in incredible shape”
“We knew how important the game was, that it was going to be tough and that we were going to be made to sweat. It’s always difficult to play here, but we’ve managed to get the win. They have a lot of quality, they pressed us high up and made things difficult, but we were able to play well”.

The race for the title and the Champions League
“For me, both competitions are very difficult, but we’re going to treat every game like a cup final and give our all in every one of them. The team is looking really good, in incredible shape. We’re confident, we can’t relax. We’re going to be in there fighting. Our aim is really clear in our minds and we’re going to give everything right up until the last moment”.

“He works really hard and helps the team. He’s in a good moment of form and he has never given in or stopped helping the team. He has a lot of quality, he’s a top player who trains hard and it’s good for the team if he stays”.

Chicharito post match


“I feel good and want to enjoy every minute I get with the best team in the world”, said the forward, who has scored 3 goals in 2 games.

Chicharito scored a brace against Celta to wrap a fantastic week in which he notched up three goals in two games. He was pivotal in securing qualification to the Champions League semi-finals and consolidated his good form with a double in Balaídos: “I feel good and am enjoying the moment. I am a Real Madrid player. I’m not sure if that will be for a long or short time so I want to make the most of the minutes I’m given with the best team in the world”.

“We put in a great performance, we worked together and the team are very happy. We are fighting to win La Liga and the Champions League and are delighted to come away with three points from a ground that has been tricky for us in the past”.

The dressing room
“My team-mates congratulated me but it was a team effort. We will do our part to bring Real Madrid to the heights the club deserves to be at and win titles. We are taking it one step at a time”.

“I am enjoying doing what I love most, which is playing and I want to give it my all on the pitch. I’ve been taught that you can control having a good attitude and being determined. Everyone I love would tell me to continue working because all the good things would eventually transpire”.

Social Media Corner:

We start with Sergio Llull. He’s as excited about Chicharito’s form as we are!

Gareth is still working on his fitness but he’s supporting the “lads” from home.

Isco has now played 100 matches with Real Madrid. And what a glorious 100 matches those have been.

That’s right, James. Nothing will stop us!

I’m just cracking up over Toni adding the Dallas Mavericks to this post. How on earth did he become a Mavs fan? Is there a story behind this? Someone please tell me!

Them’s fightin’ words, Marcelo! I love it!

We’re still 2 points behind Barcelona for La Liga but they feel us, I know it.

We play Almeria today!

¡Hala Madrid!


(images and gifs courtesy of GF Sports, the-vip-football-collection, football-hqs, and

7 Responses to “Match Recap: Real Madrid v Celta Vigo”

  1. Mandy April 29, 2015 at 6:00 pm #

    Toni loves the Dallas Mavs because Dirk Nowitzki, the only Geman player in the NBA. Dude is like 36 so he’s been over here since ’98 or ’99 if my math is right. In this recent interview, which if you understand German, he says he will watch games live because he just has to. Even if they are at 3 am. Which in his time zone, they usually are from 1-3 am start times.
    I think Toni is a fan of the Mavs the way we are of Real. In my opinion, Toni is actually a pretty neat guy and he’s quite the comedian.

  2. mygypsyspirit April 29, 2015 at 6:19 pm #

    Ah, thank you! I figured it had to be a good reason. I know the time zone thing. I have to work around the time difference every day with my favorite fanboy. It’s a pain. I didn’t know that Nowitzki still played. I haven’t watched NBA in years.

    I love Toni. I think he’s got quite the personality. Typical dry humor as well.

  3. jellyace April 29, 2015 at 11:11 pm #

    Aw shucks! Thank you!

    I enjoyed this match! It featured my new favorites: Isco Cutie Pie, Juggy James (thanks!), and Chicarito! I hope we keep our Santi Munez!

    Ans how about Larrivey bleeding thru the entire match, wearing a silicon swim cap and changing shirts to keep playing? He’s quite the beast and Sergio must have a really thick skull!

    • watishistacorrespondents April 29, 2015 at 11:18 pm #

      It always seems like when players go up against Sergio, if they clash heads they always come away worse than him, no?

      • jellyace April 30, 2015 at 8:13 am #

        Yup! He’s like a Humvee or a Panzer Tank!

      • Mandy April 30, 2015 at 11:04 am #

        I totally agree. They get staples and stitches and Sergio just awkwardly shrugs. I love it.

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