Benzy’s Back & A Chicharito Interview

3 May

Satellite (5)Way to give me a heart attack during that match yesterday, Blancos. Sheesh.  The team started preparing for the match against Juventus and Benz was back with the team. Hooray!

The starting outfield players from yesterday trained indoors with the exception of Cris & Marcelo who jogged outdoors.

(Training Video)


Satellite (12)

Chicharito: “Lifting the Champions League is something we all dream about”

“Juventus are a great and very combative side with good individual players”, stated the Mexican forward.

Chicharito spoke about the upcoming Champions League semi-final tie with the official UEFA media outlets: “We know that Juventus are going to be very tough opponents and we will do our best in order to reach the final”.

Can you describe the emotion you felt after scoring the winning goal in the second leg of the quarter-final clash with Atlético?
Pure joy. That goal was what we had been searching for. It was a team effort. We were only able to score once over the 180 minutes: Atlético defended extremely well, Oblak put in two fine performances… It seemed as though a goal would never come, but we never lost faith and kept on fighting. We knew that sooner or later it would come, and that’s what happened in the end.

What was the atmosphere like when you arrived at the Bernabéu?
Just incredible. We could see everything from the coach. That kind of thing really affects you; at least it does in my case. It filled me with excitement and gave me even more motivation ahead of the match.

Next up are Juventus. Are they a team respected highly by Real Madrid?
We respect every team. We treat each side as if we were up against the greatest. We are aware that teams are that bit more motivated when faced with Madrid, and they want to put in a good performance. We respect them just as they respect us. Everything is decided on the pitch in football and we always go out to win.

What is their strongest attribute?
They are a great side, they never give up in the battle and are always well prepared. They also have very good individuals. The standard is extremely high in the Champions League.

What would reaching the final with Real Madrid mean for you?
A lot. It is something we all think about. I’ve had five years of playing in the Champions League and got to a final once but unfortunately was not able to win it. Lifting the cup is something every footballer dreams about. But our minds are focused on Juventus right now. We have to take it one step at a time because there is still a long way to go to get to Berlin. We know that Juventus are going to be very tough opponents and will try to do our best in order to get to the final.

One of the iconic features of the Champions League is the music. What is it like walking out onto the pitch on a European night and hearing the anthem ring out?
It is a wonderful feeling. I’ve been lucky enough to take part in this competition in all five seasons I’ve been in Europe and hearing the anthem before a game starts is really incredible.

You are known for you movement. How do you know when to start a run?
That is something I’ve been practicing ever since I was a kid. It’s a hard thing to explain, it’s something that just happens during a match. More than it being something I practice or not, it is a split second decision I make on the pitch. I make the run and if it comes off, then great; if not, I have to think about carving out another position in order to rectify matters. But it is an instinctual thing.

What does wearing the Real Madrid jersey mean for you?
It really represents motivation, excitement and determination. Playing for the best club in the world is a dream come true. I try to make the most of the chances I’m given and also enjoy them. That is the thought always going through my mind.

Having been with Real Madrid for almost a year now, what are your main impressions of the club?
It’s an incredible club. They make everything available for you to ensure you’re comfortable, to allow you to train more, recover… Everything is of the highest quality here. It a fantastic institution and club. It’s amazing to be here, to represent the club and defend the crest.

As a forward, explain the psychological effect of missing a clear chance. What goes through your mind?
I try to look at it like it’s a misplaced pass. It is just another thing that happens on the pitch, where you can miscontrol the ball, mess up a cross or misjudge a run. It’s part of football. If you worry about a pass or a chance in front of goal, then you won’t be ready for the next opportunity that comes around. A game lasts 90 minutes so if you miss a chance you shouldn’t dwell on it, but wait for the next one and be ready for it.

– Lozil

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