Training In Turin & Pressers

4 May
"Call me papi" Hell yeah, I will.

“Call me papi” Hell yeah I will.

Ah Sergito, you certainly are looking extra fine and DILF-y today. Watishista Cosi shared a link to this great piece in the Guardian: Sergio Ramos: the most wonderfully charismatic baddie in world sport? Well worth a read.  The team trained this evening in Turin.  As they left the hotel, they were greeted by a huge crowd of fans.

The training session was at Juventus Stadium and the field players focused on ball work while Villiam Vecchi put the keepers through their paces. (Training video)



Ancelotti: “Juventus go into the game full of confidence and the semi-final will be close”
by Alberto Navarro (Turin)

“It is not easy to win in Turin because they have always had a strong side”, explained the Whites manager.

Carlo Ancelotti responded to questions from the media in the press room at the Juventus Stadium a day before the first-leg match of the Champions League semi-finals: “I believe that the semi-finals will be close. It has been a few years since they reached this stage of the competition but they won the Italian league last Saturday and go into the game full of confidence. They are a very strong side, with a lot of experience and high-quality players”.

“Juventus have always had a strong and competitive side. Winning here is not so easy. Having said that we want to reach the dream we have after winning La Décima and that means playing in the final again. The important thing is to try and play and well as possible showing all of our quality. We are having a good spell. The team is confident and all of the players are doing well. They are going to try and do everything as well as possible”.

Tight game
“The semi-final is going to be close and I also think that Juventus are different to Atlético. It will be a different game. Against Atlético we took control and possession, but Juventus also like possession. A different game and a different type of team. The motivation is to compete for the team and to have the opportunity to play in the final and win the Champions League. It will be difficult but we are close”.

“They can play with three central players or four defenders. That is something we are not sure about but we have to impose our identity and our rhythm on the game. If Juve have got to the semi-final it is because they have deserved it. They are a balanced side and are capable of doing a lot. In the Champions League semi-finals you lose if you are afraid and win if you are brave”.

“We have 180 minutes and we are going to do everything possible to reach our objective.”

“When I say that we can draw the two games, it doesn’t mean that we are going to defend. We are going to prepare for the game with attacking football in mind, but we also have to defend better than we have done lately. I have my starting eleven but I am not announcing it now. We are not playing with three central defenders. We played like that for ten minutes against Celta and five against Sevilla. We will play with four defenders and Ramos may be in midfield”.

“There are players like Morata, Tévez, Pirlo and Vidal that you have to take into consideration when setting up a team. We are not focussing on a single player. We have to consider the whole side’s strength”.

“It isn’t a problem. Everyone is happy with him and he has really helped us in our last games. We are here and he deserves credit, because he was ready when we needed him. He will continue to help the side. He is an important player. He is in optimum physical condition. He might start or come on at some point. We have to enjoy his fine form at the moment”.

“He is perfect. He had a small injury and then we gave him time to recover. He played 30 minutes against Sevilla, and showed he was fresh and at 100%”.

Cristiano Ronaldo
“He is doing well, he showed that on Saturday. Chicharito is also doing well”.

“He is a great player and I hope that he continues to play in Italy. He sees me as a father figure, and I see him as a brother, not as a child”.

The Juventus fans
“I coached there for two years and two years and got on very well with a section of the club’s fans. I learned a lot at the club and had problems with some fans. They helped me to grow a lot over the two years”.


Pepe: “It is difficult to play in Turin but we dream of reaching the final”
by Alberto Navarro (Turin)

“We are excited to be defending the title and are confident of getting a good result”, stated the defender.

Pepe gave a press conference less than 24 hours ahead of Real Madrid’s game against Juventus in the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals. The Whites defender spoke about the game against the Italian side: “We know how complicated the game will be and the difficulty of playing here, but we dream of reaching the final. We will approach the game seriously and at this point in the competition being favourites does not win games. We are excited to be defending the title and the players picked by the manager will be really excited about playing a good game”.

“It is going to be a very difficult game against an Italian side who will want to defend the game and find the forwards they have. We are going to be prepared and we are confident of getting a good result in the first leg and playing a good game”.

Fifth consecutive semi-final
“We really respect sides who play us and we have to enjoy tomorrow and approach the game seriously. Last month we played well in every game and that means we are still fighting on all fronts. We want to reach the final everyone dreams of and fight for La Liga. That is the greatness of this club”.

“It is a privilege to learn from Ancelotti everyday.”

“Every minute I spend near Ancelotti I am breathing in football. He likes to really be immersed in football. As a former player and as a trainer who knows our needs, it is a privilege to work with him and share time with him because he teaches us a lot”.

Ramos’ contribution as a midfielder
“He has a lot of quality. He is strong from dead-ball situations and in aerial combat. He really helps Kroos. The important thing is that the team wins and does things well”.

“He is a guy who made his debut when I was at Madrid and I am really fond of him. I am happy to be meeting him again in a big game. He has a lot of affection for Real Madrid, but we are all defending our own interests. This is an important game for both sides”.

“He is a real quality player and likes to fight a lot. The defenders are going to compete against great players such as Tévez, Llorente and Morata”.

Oh the nerves I have! This never gets any easier, does it?

– Lozil

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