LFP Official Statement

7 May

la_liga_logoThe battle rages on. Real Madrid posted the LFP’s statement in English on their site.


In relation to the decision adopted by the adopted by the Delegate’s Commission of the RFEF’s General Assembly to indefinitely suspend all football competitions at every level, La Liga is obliged to make the following statements:

1. Tonight, the LFP has taken the corresponding legal actions to the necessary judicial and administrative bodies, in defence of the rights and legitimate interests of the clubs, as well as the rights of the very professional competitions that it organises and that have been grossly affected by the aforementioned decision by the RFEF.

2. The decision taken by the RFEF is null and void by law, not just for formal reasons, as it was not included in the day-to-day activities of the Delegate Commission, but also for material reasons, given that the Sports Law and the current Coordination Agreement attributes the LFP the right to organise professional competitions and approve the sporting calendar of said competitions.

3. For its part, the LFP has requested that the competent bodies reveal the names of those responsible in order to assess how many disciplinary actions may have to be taken, both in terms of the members of the Delegate Commission of the RFEF’s General Assembly who participated in the adoption of this agreement and did not oppose it, as well as those individuals or groups who participated in its possible implementation.

4. Additionally, the LFP expressly reserves the right to take legal action to claim for the serious damages as well as any financial, sporting, social or any other kind of harm that may arise from today’s decision by the RFEF being hypothetically enacted upon, in the name of both the affiliated clubs as well as the professional football competitions in question.

5. The LFP would like to reiterate the significance of the Royal Decree approved by the Spanish government, pointing out that it represents an historic milestone for Spanish football with a clear degree of Corporate Social Responsibility. With the estimated income forecasts, the payroll of Segunda División teams is expected to double compared with current figures. Additionally, with this agreement, over 300 Primera División female players, as well as more than 2000 Segunda División B players, will be entitled to social security, after many years of not having adequate cover and without being properly defended by either the AFE or the RFEF. This measure will equally benefit all top-level sports, with athletes receiving 1% that will guarantee their social security payments, which is a necessary initiative for protecting the Spanish Brand for our elite sportsmen and women. The LFP would like to emphasise the support shown by numerous sportsmen and women towards this measure.

6. In the Royal Decree, the Spanish government has understood the social and sporting awareness professional football should possess, and which is currently being put at risk by parties with interests other than those that benefit football and Spanish sports in general.

7. La Liga de Fútbol Profesional calls all its affiliated clubs to an Extraordinary General Assembly on Monday, 11 May 2015.

Well fuckerdoodles. This is going to drag on, isn’t it?

– Lozil

2 Responses to “LFP Official Statement”

  1. shiggers May 7, 2015 at 4:40 pm #

    Ayup. Sure is.

  2. jellyace May 9, 2015 at 6:59 am #

    Am still trying to figure out who is the bad guy. Is it the RFEF, which wants more than it’s allotted share in this deal? Am also trying to figure out the hierarchy of the various organizations, to see which is the lead body in this.

    All of this posturing has left me confused and chagrined at the thought of missing the end of the season.

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