More On The RFEF Season Suspending Drama

7 May

Logo Football Spain - FCFThe drama continues as the Spanish government and the RFEF battle it out over TV rights and some new entities have entered the fray: the AFE (players union) and LFP (La Liga).

The AFE is threatening a strike over being excluded from the negotiations and the fact that they don’t get a cut of the revenue. The RFEF is now saying that games will be suspended “indefinitely.” The suspension will affect 17 regional federations which includes over 600,000 players and some 30,000 matches. If the players join the throwdown, it’s anyone’s guess when this will get sorted out. Ugh.

Messi went on record as backing a strike:

“That is something which AFE have said to us, they came here for a meeting with us,” the Blaugrana forward said. “The players are with them in what they say.”

Xabi Alonso is also supporting the AFE:

“There are positive things in the new agreement for the clubs, but from the footballer’s point of view it is not good,” ex-Real Madrid midfielder Alonso said.

“So we support the complaints from AFE. Some of the measures in there are not so good. It is not a bad agreement, but it could have been better.”

And now the LFP is planning legal action against the RFEF to block the match suspensions. (Video at link breaks down the issue)

What a balagan. I just want to watch my football. ::stamps foot like a spoiled brat::

– Lozil

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