Ready For Juventus, Part II

12 May

Satellite (5)The Mister and James represented us at the presser today while Massimiliano Allegri and Gigi Buffon were there for Juve.


Ancelotti: “All Madridistas will be together as one against Juve”
by Alberto Navarro

“The team look focused, up for it and raring to play in another final”, he said.

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media in the Ciudad Real Madrid press room. The Italian coach looked ahead to the second leg of the Champions League: “The team look focused, up for it and raring to put in a great semi-final to have the chance to play in the final again. It’s an important moment of the season, because we’re very close to playing in another final and going down in the history of the competition. We know that it’ll be difficult, but we we’re out to do everything we can to win”.

“All Madridistas will be together as one against Juve. The fans have helped us in a lot of situations, such as against Atlético and Bayern. Tomorrow will be the same. In the recent games against Valencia and Sevilla we played well, but we lacked concentration in terms of the small details. Tomorrow we have to avoid that, be patient and play with a higher level of intensity than in the first leg”.

The opponents
“They have their style of play and their identity. I don’t think that they’ll change that for this game. They have a one-goal lead and they’re a team who are used to playing together, whether with three central defenders or with four at the back. Our idea is clear and we’re focused on that, however they play”.

Message to his players
“We have to be calm and focused, and that’s what I’m going to ask my players for. We are desperate to play in another final and the most important thing is to be calm. That allows you to perform to your maximum”.

“We need to play with intensity and focus to avoid problems.”

“I ask them to play with intensity and be really focused, because there’s no room for errors. We have to look to play a quality match”.

The importance of playing another semi-final
“This is the Champions League and a separate competition from La Liga. This team can go down in history by winning two Champions Leagues in the last two years. It has the same feeling of all the semi-finals that I’ve played: the dream of reaching the final. The primary objective was to get to the final. We’re very close and I feel the same sensations as I did in the other semi-final against Bayern”.

“He has had a good season. Last year he scored at important times and it’s possible that this season he’ll have the chance to do the same. We’re happy with the season that he has had. I’ve spoken to him many times and he’s delighted to be here”.

“I didn’t understand what his agent said, but we’re used to many people talking too much. This is a world where many people talk and sometimes they talk too much. Bale’s agent has never seen a Real Madrid training session, he’s talking from the outside and Bale has never had any problems with his team-mates, nor his team-mates with him. Bale likes his team-mates and his team-mates like him. It would have been better if he had not said anything”.

“He’s in good shape and he’s 100% available. He has recovered and he’s ready. He could play from the start, or in the second half. Chicharito brings us penetration and keeps the opposition backline on its toes, while Benzema makes the whole team play better. With him, we can play a higher-quality attacking game because he makes the others play better”.

“He has recovered well from his problems, but he hasn’t played for a month. That’s the doubt for me. I don’t know whether to field him from the start or during the game, because in the second half the tempo of the game will be lower”.

Whistles directed at Casillas
“Casillas has a lot of experience and this isn’t going to affect him, but rather motivate him more. There are times that I understand whistling when you don’t play well or make mistakes, but there are times that it’s incomprehensible. I think that tomorrow will be different, because the Bernabéu understands the importance that this game has”.

“It’s up to everyone to make their own future decisions. I think that Casillas has said many times that he wants to stay. He has the confidence of the coach, of his team-mates in the dressing room and of the club”.

“It depends above all on the players working together, particularly the midfielders and the defence. When you have the quality to play an attacking brand of football, to have more balance the midfielders and the defenders have to get involved more than the forwards do”.

Ramos in the midfield
“I don’t rule it out. It’s a possibility”.


James: “The support of the Bernabéu will be an extra push to help us win”
by Alberto Navarro

“We have to be focused and show a lot of intensity”, said the midfielder.

James Rodríguez faced the media alongside Carlo Ancelotti a little over 24 hours ahead of the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals. The midfielder spoke of the support he expects from the fans against Juve: “I hope that everyone gets behind their team on every ball. The Bernabéu needs to be our 12th man, because that will be an extra push to help us win. We’re all dreaming of being in Berlin and that’s why we need the fans to get behind us. We all have to give our all: those of us who will be out on the pitch and those in the stands”.

“We have to come out with intensity, because they’re going to sit back. We have to be focused and show a lot of intensity. And we need to take our scoring chances when we have them. We want to score early, so that they leave spaces at the back. We have to be patient and look for the spaces. We have to get ourselves into positions of numerical superiority so that we can score goals, as we have the players to do that.”

Playing in the Champions League final
“It would mean a lot to me. That’s what I work so hard for, just like my team-mates. Let’s hope everything turns out well. In the first leg they played well, they showed intensity and we made some mistakes. Tomorrow I think that they’re going to sit back and it’ll be a terrific test to come through to make it to Berlin”.

“I’m dreaming of reaching the final, just as all Madridistas are.”

“We have to be united and support each other so that everything turns out well. We have to be united, because this game will be won by the 80,000 people in the stands. We have to be focused and it’ll be an epic, unique game”.

His first season at the club
“I’m very happy. I’m always out to play well and help the team when the coaches need me. I just want to train well and help the team to win”.

The importance of Tévez and Vidal
“They’re really important, but they have players who are high quality and have been playing together for years. We have to pay close attention to all of them”.

Whistles directed at Casillas
“He’s our captain, someone who has won a lot here and who deserves respect. When you’re on the pitch, you’re focused on the game and you don’t hear whistles. I saw it afterwards and when you whistle someone, I think you whistle the whole team”.

The comments made by Bale’s agent
“I didn’t hear anything about that. It’s the first time that I’m hearing this. We all want to play with Bale and with the guys up front. We’re a team and we all have to stick together. We can’t comment on what is said outside. I’m not going to comment on something that I didn’t see or hear”.


Allegri: “It will be a long and unpredictable match”

“If we just go out to defend our lead, we’ll have problems”, said Buffon.

Massimiliano Allegri and Buffon spoke in the press room of the Santiago Bernabéu on the eve of the Champions League semi-final second leg clash (Wednesday, 8:45pm CEST). The Italian coach explained: “We have to put in a great performance because you cannot just rely on defending. The more we have of the ball the less likelihood there is of them scoring. The possession was evenly split in the first game but we’ll have to improve on that a lot tomorrow”.

“Our defensive approach won’t change if Benzema plays and it is very unlikely it will finish 0-0. The chances of that are very low because Real Madrid usually score, as do we. It will be an intriguing game, with 90 long and unpredictable minutes of football. It will be impossible to merely hold onto the result from the first leg and even more so in their stadium, where they are even more attack minded”.

“He’s in good shape and it’s very likely that he’ll be starting. He could be a determining factor because he’s an extraordinary and hugely important player, and he could show his value with a mature performance”.

“He has grown a lot as a player and has found a lot of consistency. An injury kept him sidelined at the beginning, but then he started showing his technical ability. He has grown physically and is mentally tougher. He has come on a lot”.

“He is an extraordinary player for a club like Juventus as well as for world football as a whole. It’s a pleasure to watch him play, he’s been excellent this season and has scored hugely important goals in the Champions League”.

Preparing for the match
“There is no need for any extra motivation for games at this level. On the tactical side of things, we have made few changes over the last week. You have to be very good to play here with a calm head. It will be nearly impossible for tomorrow’s game to finish 0-0 and we’ll have to play perfectly from a technical standpoint”.

Allegri: “We are up against great players so we’ll need precision, balance and focus.”

“90 minutes separate us from Berlin. We have to believe we can do it. This is a great opportunity and we have to go out to take it. We’re not going to change our playing style for them. They attack with up to five players and play with four defenders, with one of the central midfielders dropping in to help out. We will be up against great players so we’ll need precision, balance and focus”.

Buffon: “We won’t change our playing style”
“The pride of Juve is at stake in this match. Not just for the players, but also for the fans and the technical staff. We know just how important this competition is and how hard it has been not to play more of a starring role in it for such a long time. We’re back now to make the most of this opportunity”.

“Experience helps. I know what we have ahead of us. They’ll be a long 90 minutes, I’m certain of that. Many teams have lost in the Bernabéu, and Madrid have made a habit of scoring in every game for quite some time now. If we just go out to defend our lead, we’ll have problems. We won’t be changing our playing style but we’ll have to be intelligent because it’s a very narrow margin”.

Objectives for the season
“We’ve undoubtedly surpassed our expectations, as we also have the final of the Coppa Italia to play. We all want to make this dream come true, but we are also aware that the only way of reaching the final is by playing our football they way we know best”.

Booing Casillas
“Booing Casillas is a very unpleasant gesture and is unprecedented for a professional of his stature, who has always given his all. He has given so much and footballing icons like him don’t deserve this kind of treatment. I think we could both have excellent performances tomorrow, and we’ve both played in other important games because we’ve played for great teams”.

Gigi was pissed (and rightfully so) about the abuse hurled at Iker (who he adores) by the fans. I don’t blame our capi one bit for telling them off.

The following players were called up for the match:

Goalkeepers: Casillas, Keylor Navas and Pacheco.
Defenders: Varane, Pepe, Ramos, Coentrão, Carvajal, Marcelo, Arbeloa and Nacho.
Midfielders: Kroos, James, Lucas Silva, Bale, Isco and Illarra.
Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Chicharito and Jesé.

We need to keep believing and support the whole team. People need to put the pettiness aside and focus on the goal. HALA MADRID Y NADA MAS!

– Lozil

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