Match Recap: Real Madrid v Getafe – That’s All For Now

25 May

Team handshakes

The final match of the season. Nothing left to lose. Nothing to win. Play for the love of it boys!

I have a confession. I’ve been having a hard time with all of this lately. I’m so incredibly disenchanted by fans, media, the club, and even players that it’s made just watching the sport very difficult for me. I’m tired of the mentality that you’re either with someone or against them. That if you think someone had a bad game, you obviously want them gone. That this sport is anything but a TEAM effort.

I’m tired of the booing, the whistling, the all around shit talking, and the verbal attacking of our players.

I’m tired of the entitlement.

All of that, along with some travel over the past couple of weeks, has made it very difficult for me to write match posts. For that I apologize to you and to Lozil.

Enough of that, let’s get this party started!

Our pre-match social media had the usual suspects.

Varane shared a cute photo from training.

Iker also shared a cute training photo.

Illarra showed his pride without pictures.

Paul Clement posted a photo of what it looks like to come out of that glorious tunnel.


Real Madrid: Iker Casillas; Alvaro Arbeloa, Pepe, Nacho, Marcelo; Illarra, Toni Kroos, James Rodriguez; Jese, Chicharito, Cristiano Ronaldo

Getafe: Jordi Codina; Carlos Vigaray, Alexis, Naldo, Sergio Escudero; Medhi Lacen, Juan; Pedro Leon, Pablo Sarabia, Diego Castro; Fredy Hinestroza

The basketball team presented their ninth Europe League trophy to the Bernabeu prior to the start of the match. And our footballin’ boys gave our basketballin’ boys a guard of honor.

Basketball guard of honor Basketball selfies

Sergio Llull also posted that epic selfie on Twitter. I love Marcus Slaughter’s face.

The match got underway and it was… Lively. Chicharito was a spark for us and our very own (scorned) Peter Lion was doing work for Getafe, who were threatening a lot on the counter attack.

Around the 12 minute mark, Jese went flying down the wing with pace that I feel we haven’t seen from him yet this year. It was nice to see that speed back. It was one of the things that made him so amazing last season before his injury. Unfortunately, Chicharito couldn’t find the back of the net off Jese’s cross.

Our first goal came in the 13th minute from one of Cristiano’s brilliant headers. It was one of those that comes from out around the penalty spot and he just seems to levitate as he drives the ball to the far corner with his perfectly gelled coif.

Full marks to Marcelo as well for that gorgeous curling cross.

Getafe attempted to return the pressure back. They looked like they had something in them but it took them 10 minutes to put anything past Iker in the 23rd minute. And, to be fair, what a great goal it was. It was rifled into the bottom corner by Escudero.

Then, in the 26th minute, Castro made it 2 for Getafe by bending a gorgeous shot into the corner from outside the box. There was nothing Iker could have done about either shot. Both were just stunning. So to the people who were whistling him, I offer a giant middle finger.

In the 32nd minute we earned a freekick around 40 yards out and, of course, Crispy stepped up to take it.


Sir Tans-A-Lot fired a fabulous freekick (say that three times fast) into the bottom corner!

That brought his grand total to 60 goals for the season, but he wasn’t done yet!

In the 34th minute, Chicharito was brought down and earned a penalty while Vigaray was booked. Cris stepped up to take it and converted the penalty for his 61st goal of the season.

In the 40th minute, Pepe had to be taken off and my Baby Varane took his place.

Getafe made it 3-3 in the 42nd minute and nearly took the lead from some equally poor defending. Honestly, our defending was abysmal in the first half.

Jese received a yellow card in the 45th minute for a late tackle on Castro and after 1 minute of extra time, the first half came to a close.

Second Half:

We made one change at the half, with Carvajal replacing Arbeloa.

In the 47th minute, Chicharito gave us the lead when he drilled the ball into the net after Cris’ header hit the crossbar.

I told you that the Little Pea was putting in work!

And in the 50th minute he was flattened just outside the box and earned us a freekick. James and Cris stood over it and it was James that scored a beauty!

If I could say one word about that freekick, it is “perfection.” Take a look for yourself.

In the 58th minute, we had another substitution. This time it was to make history. Martin Odegaard came on to replace Cristiano Ronaldo. Imagine being 16 years old and playing to 80,000 people. THEN, you replace a living legend! At 16, I was playing for 500 people if I was lucky and going to shows when I wasn’t busy pretending I had a soccer career ahead of me!

In the 67th minute, Jese earned us another freekick and James took it again but this time Codina made the save.

In the 71st minute, Jese put our 6th goal into the back of the net. He got on a good pass from James and curled on into the bottom corner. This match was the Jese I’ve missed. It was the Jese that did so much for us in the lead up to La Decima. *sigh*

The love between Jese and James is too much. And then Jese and Nacho. I can’t handle it! What is the Jese/James moniker? They’re both Rodriguez… What about Jese/Nacho? Jacho? Nese?

Getafe made their first sub in the 72nd minute with Felip replacing Juan Rodriguez (A bunch of J-Rod’s on the pitch).

Jese had another chance in the 77th minute when Odegaard, who looked lively, played in a nice pass but the shot was tipped over by Codina.

Getafe’s second change came in the 79th minute when Castro was replaced by Diawara.

In the 82nd minute, Naldo was booked for dissent and shortly after, Peter Lion was replaced by Ivan Lopez.

Our final goal came through Marcelo in the 90th minute. Jese squared the ball the Marcelo who slid in and basically just couldn’t miss.

Look at the way that Juggy James goes in for the jug like “LET ME LOVE YOU!”

After two minutes of added time, that was it for the match and the 2014/2015 season.

Match Photos:

Post-Match Comments:

Ancelotti post match


“We end La Liga with 92 points, which is quite a lot, but not enough to win”, he added.

Carlo Ancelotti gave a press conference at the Santiago Bernabéu following the 7-3 goal thrashing of Getafe. The Italian said: “The players have shown a serious and professional attitude right up until the last minute of the season. They have done really well, although there is the sadness of not winning titles. However, the effort was very professional”.

“We have often analysed what happened this year in La LIGA. We had important injuries in January and February, such as Kroos, Modric and James. During that period we lost points against Villarreal and Athletic”.

The ban
“I did not enjoy being up in the stands today. I would have liked to end the season on the bench. We did not appeal the ban because it looked like we weren’t going to win anything with the appeal. It was unnecessary to appeal. The fans showed affection and the team played seriously. We have ended the season on 92 points, which is quite a lot, but not enough to win”.

“In the end, the fans have understood how important Iker is for this club and everything he has done for Madrid. People have finally understood that. Better late than never”.

“I am not going to say anything more than I said yesterday. I have to wait. We are going to meet next week to discuss my future at the club. Nobody is in a rush. The club are calmly thinking about what they have to do in order to take the right decision and I am waiting because I am not in a hurry”.

“I am saying that I want to stay, and if the club say no then I will not be happy, but these things happen in football. It wouldn’t be the first time. It already happened to me at Juventus and Chelsea. At PSG, I left. I want to coach and it won’t be the last time. I still have confidence in my work because I like coaching”.

Meeting next week
“I have not spoken to the club. I spoke with José Ángel today, we are going to meet next week, perhaps on Monday or Tuesday, and I think the club will decide then”.

Talk with the squad
“I spoke to the players because it was the last game and now they have games with their national teams. I thanked them for their effort this season, what we have been through both good and bad. My future is clear in my head. I either stay here or I take a break for a year”.

A year on from La Décima
“That is football and at a demanding club like Real Madrid, it is normal to be questioned after a season that has not ended well. That is part of my job, last year we won La Décima and this year has been different. I will not forget what we did last year, nor what we have done this year. You have to take everything into consideration because it can be used to improve. We have to evaluate what happened this season and try to improve next season”.

James post match


James was one of the scorers against Getafe, and he offered his assessment of the season speaking post-match: “The team played well and it was a deserved win. I’m happy with my first year. I wanted trophies too and we were close in La Liga and the Champions League, but I think that luck wasn’t on our side. Next season we’re going to win things and on an individual level I want to do better”.

“Between January and March a lot of players were ruled out, but we have to learn from everything for next season and do better. I like to learn day in, day out, I have ambition and I want to have room for growth and to always keep moving on an upward path”.

“Iker is an emblematic player for the club and he has to be treated with a lot of respect because he has brought many trophies”.


“We played good football”
“We conceded three goals in the first half but then we managed to deal with the game well and play good football. I don’t rest just yet, I have to join up with the national team and I will come back raring as always to help Real Madrid”.

“I try to give my all for the team every season. We haven’t won any silverware but we fought right to the end. Obviously I don’t come away happy having not won anything. We did everything we could”.


“Now we have to focus on next year”
“It was a good way to see out the season, we knew that it was a match to come through and now we have to focus on next season. We’re world champions and European Super Cup winners; we’re not very satisfied but we know that we have given our all. From January, things didn’t come off for us as we’d have liked, but we worked as hard as possible and now we have to focus on next year”.

“There are no words to describe Cristiano. He’s a goalscorer, the best. He deserves every goal he gets. I’m happy for Odegaard and I hope that he plays many more games for Real Madrid”.

“He doesn’t deserve what’s happening to him, he’s a symbol of Real Madrid and the mirror that academy players should look at themselves in. He wants to stay here”.


“It was a good way to see out the season”
“It was a good way to see out the season in a pretty crazy match, but in the end we won and we’re happy. And the team is thankful to have a player who sets the standard like Cristiano Ronaldo”.

The coach
“He told us that he has felt really at ease with the whole team but he didn’t say goodbye. In principle he has a contract and if the club doesn’t say anything, he’ll stay. This year hasn’t been very good but the previous year was”.

Social-Media Corner:

From our Capitan:

Cristiano broke my heart with his plea for Ancelotti’s future:

Illarra gave us this nerdy selfie:

Dani thanked everyone for their support:

James has a way with words:

Paul Clement was out with some friends:

Nacho also thanked everyone for their support throughout the season:

I would have liked a Varane selfie:

Toni did me a HUGE favor by posting this photo that I had promised to a few of you a couple of weeks ago. Never change, Toni:

It’s over. A part of me wants to cry. This team is always a rollercoaster but right now I feel equal parts relief and anxiety. Personally, I need the break. I’d like to stay away from the transfer news for a bit but I know that’s impossible. And after today, and the presser I’m so disappointed that I don’t have words. But I love this team. Forever and Always.

¡Hala Madrid Y Nada Mas!


(images and gifs courtesy of GF Sports, the-vip-football-collection, football-hqs, and

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