2015 WWC Group C Update: Day 1

9 Jun

Group CHow did you celebrate your 23rd birthday? Well, if you’re Gaëlle Enganamouit, you scored 3 of your team’s 6 goals in their first ever World Cup game and had a hand in creating the other 3. ::mic drop to end all mic drops::

Gaëlle  had one hell of a birthday.

Gaëlle had one hell of a birthday.  (Hope Karim doesn’t see her hair and get any ideas)

Gaëlle just completely tore it up on the pitch yesterday in Cameroon’s 6-0 demolition of a 10 woman Ecuador.  She was hands down the woman of the match.

Gaëlle  & Ecuador's day in a nutshell.

Gaëlle & Ecuador’s day in a nutshell.

Cameroon scored 3 times in 9 minutes late in the first half (Madeleine Ngono Mani 34′, Gaëlle Enganamouit 36′, Christine Manie 44 PEN). Ecuador captain Ligia Moreira was sent off at 66′ for a foul. Three more Cameroon goals followed (Gaëlle Enganamouit 73 and 90 + 4′ PEN, Aboudi Onguene 79′) and they currently top Group C comfortably. They also set a record for the most goals scored by an African team. So an excellent first experience with the World Cup for  Cameroon and not so much for Ecuador.

‘We scored six goals in our first-ever Women’s World Cup match – it couldn’t really have gone any better. We’re quite happy, because we’ve made history today. In our next match against Japan, things will be very different, because they’re the best team in the world,” Enow Ngachu, Cameroon coach.

We did well at the start, but once we went behind, we lost our focus a bit, and Cameroon capitalised on that. We knew that they had really pacey players. In Ecuador, women’s players are almost all completely amateur, although women’s teams have been around for a long time. We are still developing gradually, and we hope that more football academies will be established in the future. The idea is to create professionals who can not only play for us, but also play abroad. Vanessa Arauz, Ecuador coach

Embed from Getty Images

Speaking of the defending champions, Japan met another debutante team, Switzerland. I don’t know about you, but I was expecting a relatively easy win for Japan. However, it ended up much more evenly matched than I expected and Switzerland gave Japan some headaches . Aya Miyama converted a penalty kick at 29′ for the lone goal of the match.

But things could have been very different if Ramona Bachmann had a luckier time with her finishing. She’s been touted as one to watch in this tournament and it’s easy to see why. The girl is dangerous.

But then there’s moments like this where she should’ve passed however, I can imagine that with the pressure on, she was frantic.

If girlfriend gets her finishing together, all hell is going to break loose in that group.

We expected to be put under immense pressure at the start of the match. Although we have the team and style needed for controlled play, we struggled to implement our game plan. We can keep the ball well, and I told my players that they should let it run for as long as possible, but their play was too direct. That’s something I still want to correct. Norio Sasaki, Japan coach

We were lacking something, particularly a little luck and precision, to secure the draw we would have deserved. Although we lost, we’ve got to look ahead and build on what we did well today. We proved that we’re a good side and made it clear how motivated we are, and that’s the most important thing for me. I can’t blame my players at all. Ramona Bachmann was probably most disappointed that she was unable to convert her chances. We already knew she was a fantastic footballer, and now the rest of the world knows too. Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, Switzerland coach

Next matches: Friday, June 12th, Vancouver

Switzerland vs. Ecuador – 7:00 PM Eastern
Japan vs. Cameroon – 10:00 PM Eastern

– Lozil

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