2015 WWC – Group A: Behind-the-Scenes With The Football Ferns

14 Jun

7307210How’d you like to learn a little about the adventures and personalities of the New Zealand players? I’m certainly enjoying following them on social media. They seem like quite a fun-loving bunch.

A couple players being interviewed by two English comedians at the press conference announcing the squad. Ignore what Betsy Hassett says; there is lots to do in Edmonton!

Some young fans showing their support for the Ferns and Hannah Wilkinson.

Hannah Wilkinson, Erin Nayler, Katie Bowen, and Ali Riley taking in the sights of Vancouver.
CGZRS_7UkAAsytNJasmine Pereira on the Capilano Suspension Bridge
CGdZshmVIAEcSEHStanley Park
CGZIkuXUYAA2rtRTeam walkabout

Arrival in Edmonton
CGh6JgVUQAARCaWTraining in the shadow of Commonwealth Stadium
CHFZ-ydWwAAsuQoFerns driver Claude showing his fashionable support for the team.
CHQR16zUEAA72yBCHQR161VAAE8tKXAh ha! There’s the New Zealand flag and fans in anticipation of the Netherlands game.
CG3B3HPUQAAxVLjCG28O9YWwAAE4auCG28PdCXIAARqVJSupport from back home

The U-20 Men’s team watching the Ferns opener vs Netherlands
CG2_BYPU8AA4TdIPrep and recovery time post-Netherlands
CG7AvORUYAAYB8UFamily time before the game vs Canada.

Gift time!

Showing their support for the U-20 Men’s team back in New Zealand.

Game day vs Canada with Betsy Hassett, Rebekah Stott, and Annalie Longo
CHO4CgXUkAAknQ-Ferns relaxing at the Edmonton International Airport prior to their flight to Winnipeg.
CHUXMXtVEAAJWaUArrival in Winnipeg
CHU5UgcUEAAXJ1VIt’s not all fun and games for some players while in Canada. Imagine playing at a World Cup and having to study for exams at the same time!

Speaking of Erveg, the Chicago Red Stars produced this introductory video of her back in 2014. Odd seeing her without the blonde hair!

Ali Riley posted this great video of the Ferns taking on Lorde’s “Royals” a couple years ago.

– hopechaser

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