2015 WWC – Group B: Catching Up

14 Jun

Group BJust a quick recap of the action in Group B.

Game Day 1

Germany vs. Côte d’Ivoire

Germany hammered World Cup debutantes Côte d’Ivoire in their first match ending up with a 10-0 victory.

Goal scorers: Celia Sasic (14′, 3′, 31′), Anja Mittag (29′, 35′, 64′), Simone Laudehr (71′), Sara Daebritz (75′), Melanie Behringer (79′), Alexandra Popp (85′).


Silvia Neid, Germany coach
We had judged them to be better than they were today. We were very focused and concentrated heading into the match. We scored early on, and stood our ground, we outran them, and we are glad that we took home the three points. Côte d’Ivoire came up quite a bit, it was a different style, and it was very easy to get behind their lines – we know that Norway will be much tougher on Thursday.

Clementine Toure, Côte d’Ivoire coach
We want to thank and congratulate the team of Germany, they are a great team. From this game, we have positive points we can take out – the experience. It’s our first participation in the World Cup, and there was a great crowd here. Our girls discovered something today – a high level of competition, and it did have an effect on us a little bit. We must forget the score from today, forget the negative points, and learn from this. Playing the best team in the world is also the best way to learn for us

Norway vs. Thailand

Norway enjoyed a 4-0 win over Thailand who were making their World Cup debut.

Goal scorers: Trine Rønning (15′), Ada Hegerberg (29′, 34′), Isabell Herlovsen (68′).


Even Pellerud, Norway coach
The first game of the tournament is always nerve-wracking. We are happy to have three points, but we have to improve aspects of our play against other teams. We’re ready for the game against Germany on Thursday. Congratulations to Thailand on reaching the World Cup for the first time, that is a good accomplishment and the Thai team presented themselves in a very nice way.

Nuengrutai Srathongvian, Thailand coach
We met a very good team and learned how women’s football at international level works. Getting the first goal would have given us a morale boost more than anything, because we were playing a superior team. Our players were not too worried or nervous [in the first half], this is just a bit different than what we are used to – we have to develop our team more.

Game Day 2

Germany vs. Norway

Germany found more resistance from Norway and the game ended in a 1-1 draw.

Goal scorers: Anja Mittag (GER 6′), Maren Mjelde (NOR 61′)


Silvia Neid, Germany coach
We played a really good first half and that was a good situation to be in against a strong opponent like Norway. However, we failed to score a second or third goal – and we had opportunities – and that would have allowed us a calmer second half. We just didn’t play as well in the second half, there were more gaps, and the opponent seized their opportunity. When we had the ball, we had too many bad passes – in the midfield, at the back, and up front – and then, Norway gained hope. We tried to go through the middle, where there was no room at all, whereas in the first half we played well out wide. All in all, looking at the stats, we were the better team.

Even Pellerud, Norway coach
I thought we had developed a really good game plan before the match, but nothing worked in the first half. I’m very pleased with the second half, and of course with the result. At half-time, for me, it was not about changing the game plan, but more about changing the attitude of the team. (Solveig Gulbrandsen’s half-time entrance) changed the whole outlook and approach of her team-mates – they were confident passing in the midfield to her, and she has a good presence. The end result was fair, but we were lucky – (Germany) could have killed this game in the first half.

Côte d’Ivoire vs. Thailand

Côte d’Ivoire got the scoring started at 4′ but Thailand answered with 3 goals. They managed to score one more at 88′ but fell to Thailand 3-2.

Goal scorers: Ange Nguessan (CDI 4′), Orathai Srimanee (THA 26′, 45’+3), Thanatta Chawong (THA 75′), Josee Nahi (CDI 88′).


Clementine Toure, Côte d’Ivoire coach
After a tough loss against Germany, we gave everything tonight to try and get back in the competition, but it wasn’t enough. It’s a sad night for us. We had three crossbars, and that’s the bad luck we had against us tonight. At the end of the day, we are lacking goals – it’s sad for our country, because we could have won that game, but we just couldn’t finish. Beyond this World Cup, we are looking to be a competitive World Cup side in future competitions.

Nuengrutai Srathongvian, Thailand coach
It’s the first three points for our country – we are very lucky, because even though we had less attacking chances, we got our first victory in our country’s history. We respect Ivory Coast, they played very well. We are honoured to be playing the best team in the world, Germany, in our next match, and will do our absolute best to win.

Next matches

Monday, June 15th 

Thailand vs. Germany – 4:00 PM Eastern – Moncton

Côte d’Ivoire vs. Norway – 4:00 PM Eastern – Winnipeg

– Lozil

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