2015 WWC – Group A: Behind-the-Scenes with the Steel Roses

15 Jun

China PR only opened their Twitter account just before the start of the tournament. And I’m really glad they did, so we can enjoy a bit of their experiences here in Canada. If I was smarter I’d figure out how to grab from Weibo more readily. Oh well!

Arrival in Edmonton

110945641109456811094571Goalkeeper Wang Fei posted this shot on Weibo from one of their first training sessions in Edmonton.
CGorPhmUcAAIYjqOn route to their first practice at Commonwealth Stadium
CGx1nZlUcAE0DZqFans at the training session post-game vs Canada
CG8GEMiUQAAJhRDCG8GEMgUkAAS8VFDefender Li Jiayue celebrated a birthday on June 8.
CHBtMKJVAAAKHxECHBtMKJUcAEAPzMVisiting a local high school championship team
CHGer4hWQAAy_8pCHGer4kW4AAJat6Signing autographs at the hotel
CHL4cc9UYAAk40JTalk about height difference!
CHMf6mvUIAE8uV1Their social media team creates new posters for each game. This is the first one they released; don’t know what it says but it’s pretty cool anyway.

– hopechaser

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