2015 WWC – Group F: England Vs. Mexico (2-1) – The Crazy Doesn’t Stop After This Match!

15 Jun

A less surprising match happened after the France and Colombia match. But this result may end up being really important for the chances of English survival.

Referee: Anna-Marie Keighly
Stadium: Moncton Stadium


England: Bardsley (GK), Rafferty (53’), Williams, Houghton (C), Bassett, J Scott (66’), Aluko, Moore, Bronze (85’), Duggan, Kirby Subs: A. Scott, Carney, Greenwood

Mexico: Santiago (GK), Robles, Garciamendez, Ruiz, Rangel (c), Corral, Mayor, Ocampo (89’), Sierra (46’), Perez, Cuellar (77’) Subs: Miranda, Sanchez, Ibarra

Jill Scott in action

England was able to get their first win after a loss to France. Which for the English fans out there, is very lucky since Colombia pulled off a defeat of France just prior to this match. As various reports have said, both teams knew whoever got all the points possible were more likely to see the next round.

While England had the majority of the possession (60 vs 40) and more shots taken, while watching the match, I couldn’t see a clear ‘better’ team. I was quite surprised when I got to BarBacon (YUMMY) and saw that it was still 0-0 after the half though. If you had asked me before this tournament started, I would have said that England and France would have been the clear winners of this group. I was obviously wrong.

Mexico’s head coach, Leonardo Cuellar, watches the match (I swear he’s a drug lord…)

Fran Kirby celebrates her goal

I love her hair…

Video highlights from the match

What’s up next:

It’s Colombia versus England and Mexico versus France on Wednesday at 1600 (EST). So far Colombia leads the group. England and France each have three points and Mexico trails with one. But even Mexico can go on to the next group. I figured out the various scenarios of ‘what if’s’ and to tell you the truth, it is confusing as hell. So just know, this group is literally up in the air at this point and anybody can move on.

– Mandi

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