2015 WWC – Group B: Thailand vs Germany

16 Jun

I know you’re all used to lengthy (and probably boring discussions from me) but this is a quick and dirty match recap.

I know I’m in the minority when I say that, despite my love for a number of the German Men’s players (coughcough::Poldi::coughcough), I’m not the biggest fan of the German men. I am a big fan of the German women, however.

Regardless, I wanted to see great things from Thailand.

Referee: Gladys Lengwe
Stadium: Winnipeg Stadium


Thailand: Boonsing, Chinwong, Sritala, Khueanpet, Intamee, Phetwiset, Srangthaisong, Thongsombut, Srimanee, Maijarern, Sung-Ngoen

Germany: Angerer, Schmidt, Krahn, Behringer, Lotzen, Marozsan, Sasic, Peter, Cramer, Leupolz, Dabritz

The first goal came at 24′ from Leupolz.

The second and third goals were from German sub Petermann in 56′ and 58′

And Germany’s fourth, and final goal, came from Daebretz in 76′

Germany came out to attack but Thailand did well to neutralize a normally dangerous Sasic and deal with the German onslaught. Boonsing was there again and again to keep the German’s from pulling too far ahead in the first half, including to deny Sasic twice.

It was 10 minutes into the second half when the flood gates opened and Petermann scored two in quick succession. Then the defense broke down and substitute Daebretz was able to score an easy tap in.


Silvia Neid, Germany coach
We rarely demonstrated superiority. We didn’t keep the speed up. At 1-0 we kept worrying but our strategy was implemented better in the second half. We’re happy this win means we won the group, but everything starts again in the Round of 16.

Nuengrutai Srathongvian, Thailand coach
We accept Germany’s experience made them a better side today. They have great confident in winning the ball in the air, which is one of our weaknesses. We gave our best effort today; their defense was very good. We still have a chance to go through. This has been a great experience for us and we have to continue to develop.

Video Highlights

What’s Next: Germany have won Group B with a goal difference of +14. They’re so strong! Thailand, unfortunately, go home. They were relying on a win from Australia in order to move into that final third place spot. But it was their first World Cup and I think they have a lot of potential!


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