2015 WWC: The Matildas Move On – Australia 1-1 Sweden

20 Jun

6d8fadbaebfa43bfff67d35be28b5df2The Australian Matlidas may not have waltzed into the Round of 16 but they showed they are a force to be reckoned with. Group D had some crazy stuff in the opening matches. Trash talk by Pia Sundhage and a nameless Aussie website writer. (not vs. each other, by the way) Edwin Okon’s bizarre press conferences. A three match ban for a Nigerian player for the nasty elbow to Sam Kerr’s face. Who is coming off injury? Who is looking for redemption? Drama, drama everywhere you look! To be fair, some of the drama off the pitch was more riveting than the stuff on the pitch. The Group of Death was more like the Group of Drama.

Somehow I missed that Lisa DeVanna has been on crutches every minute she’s off the pitch. Pardon my poor reporting but seeing her amazing speed on the pitch, I never would have guessed she was in such a rough state. Her last match was against the signature speed of Nigeria and she matched them stride for stride.

And then, within minutes of the start of the match with Sweden, she does this:

061615-Soccer-WWC-Australia-vs-Sweden-PI-CH-2.vresize.1200.675.high.84What injury???

Sweden responded pretty quickly with a warning shot by Ilestedt who headed it wide off a corner. Jakobsson made it real when she equalized in the 14th minute with a nice shot to the near post.


For the next fifteen minutes or so, the Swedes played all sorts of havoc with the Australian backline. Between Ilestedt, Seger and Jakobsson, the Australians had a few close calls but Alleway and Kennedy had the height and strength to keep the Swedish attack at bay. And while the pace cooled a bit after the initial flurry, Sweden kept the pressure up until the half. The Australians should really be grateful for Laura Alleway who really came up big.

2787 1297713361152_ORIGINALThe second half saw lots of runs back and forth with Jakobsson for Sweden and Australians Simon and Kerr moving up and down the field.
australia-v-sweden-group-d-fifa-womens-world-cup-2015_t71quykn8x6l1bsw2d04w8vk4sweaust_350x197_465749059898 635700906968581837-USP-SOCCER-WOMEN-S-WORLD-CUP-AUSTRALIA-AT-SWEDEN-73857726There were a few promising shots but nothing particularly dangerous and the Australians did everything possible to slow the pace and eat up time. It worked and the tie ensured that the Australians placed second in the group. Great for them to move on but….they run straight into Brazil. EEK!

Sweden meanwhile, had to wait a day to see their next opponents and by the time you read this, (SPOILER ALERT) you’ll know it was Germany who made short work of them. I’m sorry for the disappointing run for Sweden. There are bound to be some big changes in Stockholm.

Here are some highlights for you:

Line Ups


Williams, Alleway, Catley, Kellond-Knight, Foord, Van Egmond, DeVanna (captain) (Crummer) , Kennedy, Simon (Heyman), Gorry (Butt) , Kerr


LIndahl, Fischer, Dahlkvist, Schelin (Captain), Jakobsson, Ilestedt, Sjogran, Nilsson (Asllani), Seger, Samuelsson, Rubensson (Thunebro)

Attendance:  10, 177
City: Edmonton

– ForzaSusan

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