Updated: Mazel Tov: Calleti & Marta Get Hitched

20 Jun

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One of my fave couples tied the knot yesterday: Jose Callejon & his long time love, Marta Ponsati Romero. 

I love Marta’s bouquet, gown and train – she looks lovely! Calleti looks dapper and handsome.


As you can see many of his besties from Real Madrid were on hand: Albiol, Arbeloa (DOUBLE A REUNION, Y’ALL!) and Xabi. David Lopez (his Napoli teammate), Pepe Reina and El Hombre Negro also attended. Of course Calleti’s twin, Juanmi, was at his brother’s side on his special day. (Updated to add more pictures to gallery)

Check out these good lookin’ folks:

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Posado robado by @nagore.aranburu

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God, could that couple be any more gorgeous? And these heartbreakers – oof!

All we’re missing for a Booty CAAll reunion is Pipita, but sadly, he’s off at the Copa America. Bah!

BTW, this band of bros (minus Albiol) went to the NBA finals in Cleveland for Calleti’s bachelor party by private jet no less!



And don’t you worry, Marta had her own bachelorette getaway with her girls as well a few weeks ago.

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Vamos que nos vamos!!! Despedida! 😁😁😁

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(BTW, “molt perill” means ‘much danger’ in Catalan according to Google Translate.So I guess essentially it’s “Trouble” and “Lotsa Trouble” which is, of course, just what you want in a bachelorette party!)

I’ll share more pictures as I come upon them. I want to see what India was wearing!

I’m so happy for the newlyweds. They have also appeared so sweet and very much in love. Wishing them and their little girls a long, healthy and happy life together.

(PS Is that a very slight tummy bulge I’m seeing on Yolanda Ruiz? For her sanity’s sake, I really hope that she just had too much ice cream or something and she’s not pregnant again. If anyone has earned the right to kick back and indulge herself, it’s that woman).

– Lozil

One Response to “Updated: Mazel Tov: Calleti & Marta Get Hitched”

  1. Mandy June 20, 2015 at 9:00 pm #

    Xabi is the best thing to happen to sunglasses since the establishment of RayBan. I don’t know why but it does it for me every time.

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