2015 WWC: Germany Overpowers Sweden In A 4-1 Win In The Round Of 16

22 Jun

It’s the Round of 16 and we started off with a good one – if you are a fan of the Germans. The sell out crowd at the Lansdowne Stadium in Ottawa were treated to a strong German performance starting from the first whistle. Literally seconds into the match, Alexandra Popp had a shot on goal! And their first corner was taken in minute three. Yes, three. I actually caught myself saying “Finally” when the Swedes took their first shot in minute 9. Finally?? Yeah, Sweden was in for a long night.

Group D play showed that the Swedes had quite a few defensive issues and this was all the more clear against the Germans. To be fair, the Swedes should be grateful that the Germans were not their usual clinical selves in their finishing which kept them from an embarrassing scoreline. And, super kudos to their own keeper, Hedvig Lindahl, veteran of 3 prior world cups, who did a good job throughout much of the match, broken finger and all.

It should surprise no one that Anja Mittag had great runs and good shots early on. Samuelsson had her work cut out for her and showed great strength in the 10th or 11th minute but Mittag just kept coming. She had great pace and also had a few good passes – a particularly dangerous one to Leupolz who skyrocketed it in the 14th minute. Her goal in the 24th minute was her 5th in four matches.

062015-SOCCER-german-engineering-LN-PI.vresize.925.520.high.0Sweden showed some promise in the middle of the first half but it was clear that they were always being rushed on the ball and had no time to see past whatever was immediately happening. There was no creativity but only reactionary play. We did see some nice possession between Jakobsson and Rubensson but the final touches and the accuracy of shots were just not there. The closest they came in the first half was a curling ball in the 28th minute by Sjogran that Angerer had to punch out of danger.

Both sides did their share of fouling and both did their share of complaining about fouls not being called. Saskia Bartusiak had a costly one that gave her a yellow, which means she’ll miss the quarterfinal match. Nilla Fischer was very lucky not to have seen yellow after a professional foul on Mittag. But it was Ilestedt’s foul on Anja Mittag that cost her a yellow and a penalty. Celia Sasic’s goal was as cool as you’d like and the Germans were up by two at the half.

Sweden’s first corner came in the 55th minute. Jakobsson had a strong run but was sandwiched off the ball by the German defense. However, Angerer was caught out of focus and couldn’t keep the ball in and gave up a corner. Sjogran took a nice corner that forced Angerer to poke the ball over the net. A minute or two later, Sjogren has a nice back heel to Jakobsson but Angerer had little problem with the oncoming shot.

150620202914-04-wwc-germany-sweden-super-169Lina Goesslling caused quite a bit of difficulty for Sweden and by the 65th minute, Sweden had four shots on goal compared to the German 20. Sweden was very lucky as Celia Sasic and Alexandra Popp had great chances near the Swedish goal but neither could manage to get the ball into the net.

They fixed that issue though in the 78th minute when Popp’s shot deflected off of Fischer’s knee into the goal post and landed right into the path of Sasic who scored.

Germany-v-Sweden-Round-of-008Jakobsson and Sjogran kept pushing in the midfield, battling it as much as they could.
hi-res-6db1f4841583038b5ae23e251d3a1cf8_crop_north150620195922-01-wwc-german-sweeden-0620---restricted-super-169It was Sjogran that actually fed the ball to Linda Sembrandt in the 82nd minute for her consolation goal for Sweden.

The last ten minutes for Sweden was a bit too much too late. They were almost lucky though when the German defense was a bit lazy and were surprised by a good run and shot by Jakobsson. But Nadine Angerer was there to clean up.

But once again, it was Germany to put things to bed. Dzenifer Marozsan had a gorgeous goal. There was nothing Lindahl could do but watch it fly past.


And Germany is through to the quarter finals. Watch out!

Here are the highlights:

Line ups

Angerer; Maier, Krahn, Bartusiak, Kemme (Cramer); Goesslling, Leupolz (Marozsan ); Laudehr, Mittag, Popp (Lotzen 89′); Sasic

Lindahl; Berglund (Hjohlman), Ilestedt, Fischer, Samuelsson (Nilsson); Rubensson (Asllani ), Sembrant, Seger, Sjogran; Jakobsson, Schelin

Attendance: 22, 486

– ForzaSusan

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