2015 WWC Round of 16: France Vs. South Korea (3-0)

22 Jun

2652106_full-lndThis was a scrappy, fast-paced, entirely fun match to watch as a neutral.

Line Ups

France Starting XI: Bouhaddi, Renard, Boulleau, Georges, Henry, Houra D’H, Thiney, Hamraqui, Thomis, Necib, Delie

Korea Starting XI: Kim Jung Mi, Lee Eunmi, Shim Seoyeon, Kim Doyeon, Jean Gaeul, Cho Sohyun, Park Eunsun, Kwon Hanhul, Kang Yumi, Kim Sooyun, Lee Geummin

Player of the Match: Amandine Henry, France

South Korea came in without their star player, Ji Soyun, who was injured and could not play, while France came in at full strength, riding a wave of confidence. Les Bleus went hard from the kick-off, and their beautiful, precise passing led to a 4th-minute goal by Marie Delie.

Marie-Laure-Delie-009Her teammate, Elodie Thomis, doubled the lead four minutes later.
1434949439460There could’ve easily been more goals for France, as well as for South Korea; some shots were off target, or unlucky off the post, but there were also times that both Bouhaddi and Jung Mi were called into action. Have to give the goalkeeping ladies props for keeping their teams in the fight.

The second half was all France. Delie duplicated her lightning goal-scoring, giving France their third and final goal in the 47th minute. Les Bleus maintained 62% possession and continued to press for goals. The South Korean ladies also kept fighting, trying to get back into the game until the final whistle blew.
France’s coach, Phillippe Bergeroo, said this about his team’s victory:

“My players were in a determined mood right from the outset, from the moment the national anthem was played. We’d put in a lot of tactical work, and we put our opponents under great pressure. We came up short against Colombia, but the great strength of this team is its resolve. This result, on the back of the Mexico victory, is a real confidence boost.”

Next up, France will face Germany, and much has already been written about this match-up. Insert all your geopolitical jokes here.

– KatieAnn

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