2015 WWC: England Makes History Against Germany

5 Jul

What a difference a few days makes! England beat Germany 1-0 in extra time for a third place finish in the Women’s World Cup. It is the first time they’ve ever beat Germany in 21 meetings.

Starting Line Ups

England: Bardsley, Williams, Houghton, Bassett, J. Scott, Carney, Bronze, Greenwood, Chapman, Potter, White

Germany: Angerer, Schmidt, Bartusiak, Laudehr, Behringer, Sasic, Peter, Petermann, Goessling, Kemme, Dabritz

The match was extremely tense through out with chances on both sides but neither team’s goal was breached until Fara William’s 108′ penalty.

This was England’s best showing ever in the Women’s World Cup. I look forward to seeing them tear it up in 2019.

Match Highlights


Silvia Neid, Germany coach
It wasn’t difficult to prepare for this match. Of course the players were sad after the semi-final defeat, but that only lasted for a day, and then we got our focus back and tried to work on certain points that we were keen to improve. In terms of preparation, the work we did was good, but our performance was not. I’m not surprised by the progress that England have made since our match with them at Wembley, and we saw what they were capable of throughout the tournament, where they got better with every match. They continue to improve and today, they really wanted this win, causing us a lot of problems, especially when it came to winning 50-50 balls.

Mark Sampson, England coach
It’s a lot nicer to be in the position we are today than after our last match. It’s really an incredible result when you take into account the challenge we were facing and the quality of our opponents. We were able to bounce back after our semi-final experience, and our performance shows how much quality we have in our squad. Claiming third place in this competition while finally beating Germany and finishing as the best European team are the things that people will remember about this side. It took some time to put the semi-final to the back of our minds. We really thought that we could win this World Cup, which made the way in which we were eliminated even crueller. All we wanted to show today was that, although we can be beaten, we can also get back up on our feet.

And one lady we’re all happy to see smiling with a medal around her neck: Laura Bassett. Here she is with captain Steph Houghton.

Congrats ladies! And kudos to Germany, who always rock. I’m off to watch the final!
– Lozil

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