CR7: “Too Skinny,” Avoiding The Ramos Transfer Circus And A Beautiful Story

6 Jul

Nike_Training_Free_TR_3.0_CR_native_1600Cristiano helped to launch the new Nike Free Trainer 3.0 V4. In the interview, he shared that he was told that he was “too skinny” and that motivated him to spend more time in the gym strengthening his body to the current buff He Man levels we all know and love.

Nike also provided a commercial.


“Ugh! Enough already!”

Cristiano has been trying to stay out of the fray but ended an interview this weekend after he was asked about Sergio’s potential transfer to Manchester United.

He was not pleased when asked about Sergio and responded with “I don’t know! I don’t know!” And then rather reluctantly replied to a question about Steven Gerrard moving to LA (WTF?) before the interviewer said he had one more question about Cristiano’s RM contract. While he didn’t appear to enjoy the questions being posed to him, CR7 actually seemed more pissed off with his press officers for not ending the interview when they were supposed to. He made angry comments to them in Portuguese:

‘I am not insisting on anything, he is making me leave,’.

‘Do you want me to be unfriendly with this guy? You two are the ones who need to do this, man. This is making me look stupid in front of people.’

He shook hands with and thanked the interviewer before leaving, which many media outlets are not reporting. It’s been made out like he had a big freakout and stormed out like a total dick. Everyone always spins Cris as a villain and as we all know, it wouldn’t be Real Madrid without heaping bowlfuls of drama and conspiracy theories.  Sigh.

In beautiful news related to Cris, this one made me a bit weepy so you may want to get out the tissues.  Martunis was a survivor of the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004 that killed his mother and two siblings. He was missing (at age 7) for 21 days before he was found by journalists and reunited with his father.  He survived by drinking puddle water and whatever he could scrounge to eat. When asked by reporters, he said:

“I was not afraid at all at that time because I still wanted to be alive to meet my family and to be a football player.”

Martunis was wearing a Portugal jersey when he was found, so the story got a lot of coverage there and he won the public’s heart. Cris was playing at Manchester United at the time.  He went to meet Martunis, raised funds to help rebuild his house and helped provide for his education. They’ve kept in touch over the years. So I’m sure Cris was thrilled when 17 year old Martunis signed this past week to Sporting Lisbon’s academy, the same one that Cristiano went through.

MartunisBest of luck to you on your football career, Martunis! We already know how strong you are. I’m so happy you’re having a chance to live your dreams.

– Lozil

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