Marcelo Extends, Pre-Season Training Begins!

10 Jul
World's cutest family hanging with the Peez

World’s cutest family hanging with the Peez

Marcelo, Enzo, Clarice and baby on board Liam were on hand today for  the signing of Marcelo’s contract extension. He’ll be with us for 5 more seasons which means we’ll get to see Enzo grow into the double digits and Liam will be in pre-K. Hooray!

Marcelo managed to wear grown up boy trousers for the occasion unlike someone else we know. ::cough:: Dani Carvajal ::cough:: But he did take the opportunity to rock a Frankendenim shirt. You can’t have everything you want, I guess. Wonder if it was a Christmas present from Sergito? (Video)


Marcelo: “Just seeing the Real Madrid crest motivates me in each training session

“I’ll always fight to get this club to the heights it deserves to reach. In my mind all I think about is winning everything all over again”, he added.

Marcelo spoke to and Realmadrid TV in his first interview following the extension of his contract until 2020. The Brazilian joined the club in the winter transfer window during the 2006-07 season and at just 27 years of age is now a fan favourite with the Whites’ supporters: “I’ll always fight to get this club to the heights it deserves to reach. In my mind all I think about is winning everything all over again. Just seeing the Real Madrid crest motivates me in each training session”.

I imagine you are happy to have extended your contract.
I’m delighted because I’ve fulfilled one of my objectives, which was to stay with Real Madrid for as long as possible. I’m living the dream. People all over the world know how great this team is. Putting on this jersey is incredible.

What does this contract extension mean for you?
It’s a dream come true because in order to play for Real Madrid you have to reach a very high level. I fought very hard to join Real Madrid and achieve everything I’ve achieved. When you have to fight in order to get something that’s difficult to attain and you then manage to succeed, that’s especially satisfying.

Who comes to your mind at a moment like this?
My family, of course. I think about my grandfather, who always believed in me and, as you already know, he has played a hugely important in my life, and above all else I think about my wife and son. They have always helped me to achieve my dreams.

What does Marcelo mean for the Real Madrid supporters?
I don’t know what all the fans think. I said before that I feel like an academy graduate because I came here when I was 18 and now I’m 27. During these years, Real Madrid has given me everything and I’ve been allowed to get on with enjoying my football. I’m extremely proud because being at this club is an enormous responsibility.

You have already played over 300 games with Real Madrid.
Just seeing the Real Madrid crest motivates me in each training session. My aim is to continue playing and to keep winning with a team like this. I’ll continue fighting to ensure that Real Madrid reaches the heights the club deserves.

You have already started training with Benítez.
We’ve met up already and all the players are ready to get the season underway and pick up titles. We have to get ourselves ready well during the preseason.

You have won everything with this team. What is there left to do?
In my mind all I think about is winning everything all over again. I want to win everything with this team. I give it my all in each training session in order to be at my best for each match. We have been given a unique opportunity by playing for Real Madrid.

How do you remember the moment you kissed the crest right after winning la Décima?
For me and for many people around the world, that sums up everything about Real Madrid. This is a great club. Putting on the Real Madrid jersey, getting to the Champions League final, scoring and then winning is a string of events that would leave anyone speechless. It’s as if there was a movie playing in my head showing me all the struggles I had to go through to eventually play for Real Madrid and win titles. That was a really special moment.

What has Real Madrid given you?
I’ve been allowed to enjoy my football and get to experience the best the game has to offer thanks to the enormity of this team across the globe.

What message do you have for the Real Madrid supporters?
Everyone knows that I give my all for the Real Madrid crest. We are going to continue fighting every season and in each match to keep the fans happy.

The mothership had another interview with Danilo.

Danilo: “I want to become part of Real Madrid’s history, game by game”

“I have worked to improve and play at Madrid and that is why I feel proud to be here”.

After become a new player for the Whites, Danilo gave his first interview to and Realmadrid TV: “My dream was to play for this team. When I was talking to the president during my presentation, I lot of things went through my head. I worked to improve and play for Real Madrid and that is why I feel proud to be here today”.

How did you feel at your presentation as a Real Madrid player?
Very happy and excited to be fulfilling one of my greatest dreams, which was to play at the best club in the world.

This was your dream and sometimes dreams come true…
I always saw Brazilian players winning and shining at Real Madrid. My dream was to play for this team. When I spoke to the president there were a lot of things going through my head and I am very excited.

How did you feel when Real Madrid expressed an interest in you?
It was one of the happiest days of my life. I felt immensely happy, far from pressure and responsibility. I worked to improve and play for Real Madrid and that is why I feel proud to be here today.

How would you define yourself as a footballer?
I am hard working and I am always at the disposal of the manager and the club.

What will Danilo contribute to Real Madrid?
During the time that I am here I will try to show my qualities. I am a right back with a unique style and someone who works to improve their attributes. I am always ready to help Real Madrid whenever necessary.

What are your targets as you arrive at Real Madrid?
Real Madrid has always been a winning club and has fought for a lot of titles. Now I have that target and I want to be a part of Real Madrid’s history, day by day, session by session, and game by game.

What do you think about your new team mates?
Playing with the best players is easier. I want to begin working with them and learn a lot in order to achieve titles with Real Madrid.

You spoke to Benítez. What impression did he leave on you?
His career speaks for itself. He has coached great clubs and done a great job at all of them.

I imagine that you arrive with real enthusiasm about getting the work started.
Of course, I have not been playing for 30 days, just focussing on my ankle recovery, so I want to get back to work and playing football again.

What message would you give to the fans?
I am very excited and proud to be here. This club is not as big as it looks from outside, it is much bigger.

The team had their medicals today before a double training session. (Video)

It’s good to see these guys back on the pitch (Video) Lordy, Bale is starting to look like Wolverine, FFS.

In case you’re wondering, Cris & James are both in Japan so I guess they will be joining the team in Australia.

After training, Nacho, Marcelo, G-Money, Karim and Keylor Navas visited the Real Madrid Foundation camp, spending time with the 800 kiddies who are participating. (Video)
Satellite (16)Lucky kids! Looks like a great time was had by all.

– Lozil


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