Iker’s Farewell At The Bernabeu

13 Jul

Satellite (6)Iker said his goodbye today in a presser with FloPeezy. Lots of pleasant things were said and everyone was on their best behavior.


Florentino Pérez and Iker Casillas appear in the Santiago Bernabéu’s presidential box

“Iker has won our respect and affection during the last 25 years and he has contributed to increasing our legendary status”, noted the president.

Iker Casillas is, and always will be, a Real Madrid legend. The Santiago Bernabéu’s presidential box staged a farewell ceremony for the best goalkeeper in the club’s history. Florentino Pérez and the members of the Board of Directors attended the event which began with the president taking the floor to praise Casillas: “Iker has earned our respect and affection over the last 25 years. And he has done so both on and off the pitch through the impeccable way with which he conducts himself”.

“He came here when he was 9 and leaves as the team’s captain, having won everything and having become one of the greatest figures in Real Madrid’s history. The best goalkeeper in Real Madrid and Spanish football’s history is leaving. Iker is leaving us because that was his wish. No one from Real Madrid asked him to leave the club”.

“I’m certain that years from now fans and Real Madrid members alike will continue to recognise Iker as a true great and one of the most important players in this club’s history. I would have liked for him to finish his career at this club, but I have to accept his decision because I understand it”.

Florentino Perez: “The best player in Real Madrid’s history is leaving.”

“We have been working from the get go to ensure he gets the send off he deserves and, without a doubt, that will happen. We love Iker, we respect him, we admire him and he knows that the doors of this club will always be open for him”.

“Iker has contributed to increasing our legendary status. As such, this painful goodbye brings with it countless emotions and produces memories filled with hope, excitement, sacrifices and historical victories with our club as well as with the Spanish national team”.

Casillas: “I’ll fly the Real Madrid flag wherever I go”
“Thank you for your kind words, president. I would like to thank the media outlets, the Board of Directors and the supporters who have made their way to the Santiago Bernabéu for this event. This is my first day here as a Porto player. It’s a strange feeling, but I’m sure there are more great moments to come and we will get to share them with all the Real Madrid fans”.

“I thank all the Real Madrid supporters, all of those who have always had my back. And to those who I may have had a falling out with, I am sincerely sorry and would like to put that behind me. I’ll hold onto the good experiences. I’m just another Real Madrid fan and I will try to be an ambassador for the club wherever I go. I’ll try to reflect the Real Madrid spirit wherever I go”.

After Iker’s appearance, The ‘Peez did a presser.


Florentino Pérez: “We will always remember Iker, he is irreplaceable”

After the appearance, the Real Madrid president responded to questions from the media.

After appearing alongside Iker Casillas in the presidential box at the Santiago Bernabéu, the Real Madrid president, Florentino Pérez, answered questions from the media.

“There are lots or indeed some people who take advantage of any situation to criticize me but I am used to that already, I arrived in 2000. This has gone on a few days more than scheduled with lawyers, tax matters…. The players had to go and I would have liked to have had a ceremony here with them but it was not possible”.

The farewell
“Iker decided to do it in a simple way and we respect him. I was going to come out here today without Iker, I asked him to come so that people did not think there was something strange going on. I have had a really good, even fantastic relationship with him. I have a lot of affection for him in contrast to what some people out there have been saying, he can attest to that. He has never caused any problems, he has been exemplary throughout. He has delayed his journey to Portugal to do this and I am eternally grateful”.

Tribute with Porto
“We were scheduled to hold this ceremony without Iker because we had talked to Porto to see if we could do the tribute game on 12 August to mark the tribute match to Santiago Bernabéu. The only thing that has changed is that Iker is accompanying me, because everything else was scheduled. We have signed for that game in the contract with Porto and the entire stadium is going to pay tribute to one of the myths and legendary players of Real Madrid”.

Support for Iker
“Any time I had the opportunity, I have criticised the whistles. I believe that there is something wrong if fans do not adore players. I understand that everyone has their own way of thinking, but I do not like when the media or fans attack players and I have reiterated that whenever possible. Our history and values have not taught us to criticise players publicly. They all form part of our history and deserve the recognition and respect of all of the fans”.

The Image of Real Madrid
“There are people who will use anything not to harm Real Madrid but rather to harm me. Madrid is one of the most prestigious institutions and it is difficult to find a player like Casillas, who has been part of this home for 25 years. However, there are always people who do not love me, who do not love Madrid and who will use any pretext to criticise me or all of us at the club. We may have made a bit of a mistake too because haste led us to this situation”.

“Casillas is a legend who has been a part of the last 25 years of Real Madrid’s history.”

“I am unaware what is said by some media outlets or what certain people say. I have always defended all of the players and I also believe that Iker has shown a huge capacity to put up with things. I do not appear much in the media because I would always have to come out to deny things but when I have done, I have said it”.

Iker’s exit
“Players who have a valid contract go because they want to, but in the case of Iker, because of his history, he has the right to foresee his future away from the club. We have understood that, it seems fine to us, and the same thing happened with Raúl, who did not leave by the back door as some have said before. Then, there are players who reach the end of their contracts and renew them, and others or not, and other who go and the club does not want them to leave”.

Replacement in goal
“When someone like Iker goes, someone who is a myth and has not just played for Real Madrid but the national squad too, it will be many years before there is another person like him, if indeed there ever will be. It will be difficult to replace him, but we are just thinking of saying goodbye to him with lots of affection”.

Fans against Iker
“I have been speaking to him since I came here and I speak to all of the players whenever they have a problem. Those people who have not treated Iker well are the people who are going to miss him the most, and those who will remember him most in the future”.

“He will have had more offers but the only one he has informed us of is the one from Porto which is why I think it is the best choice. It is a good club, where he can be excited again, and he is really excited about this new stage”.

Support for Bale
“I defend Bale when people say he has a hernia. It seems improper and unworthy to be able to say things that are not true. Every time I have come out in support of Iker it has been because of the most worrying problem, the whistling. He has been subject to a level of pressure I believe is unacceptable and I have said it. Let’s see if that allows people to reflect and serves as an example to ensure it doesn’t happen anymore”.

“You will never see me talking badly about anyone, player, club or president. The style of this club is to respect everyone. Football is about bringing people together, not separating them and I will fly that flag. I do not want to think about the possibility of more cases and if there are, I will do the same again”.

De Gea
“Iker is going and we will begin to see who can come. De Gea is a magnificent goalkeeper who belongs to a club who are friends of ours and we have nothing to say about the matter. Replacing Casillas is impossible. Lots of goalkeepers will come but they do not arrive here aged nine, and we will always remember Casillas as a legend who has been a part of the last 25 years of Real Madrid’s history”.

Iker then went onto the pitch to pose with the 19 trophies that he has won with the team. The event was only supposed to be for invited press, but about 1,000 fans were outside chanting for him (and saying nasty stuff about Flo) and they finally ended up letting them in. So he got to say goodbye to a small of fervent crowd. It’s less than he deserved, but I’m so glad that he at least had this.


Full presentation above. Here he is posing the in museum, on the pitch and a video of Iker through the years.

The crowd chanted his name.

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Iker doce adiós. Que momento

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And then he said goodbye.


Gracias, Iker, gracias.

– Lozil

4 Responses to “Iker’s Farewell At The Bernabeu”

  1. Anonymous July 14, 2015 at 12:12 am #

    GOD! He deserved SO MUCH MORE! There’s Real Madrid “farewells” to their legends, and then there are the farewells of Gerard and Xavi for example. Such a shame so many of our icons depart on such a messy/bitter note. It really fucking hurts.

  2. Natalie July 14, 2015 at 5:31 pm #

    I just can’t watch those videos, so sad. I kinda blame Mourinho for this.

  3. Allison July 15, 2015 at 1:39 am #

    Smells of desperation; Flo P scrambling after all the uproar on Sunday. Iker should have told him to kiss his ass.

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