Start As You Mean To Go On & More

25 Jul

This is the week of drivebys (sorry about that). Los Blancos won the first of hopefully many trophies yesterday after whomping Man City 4-1 in the International Champions Cup Australia.

The team was cheered on by fans at their hotel before they left for the match.

Benz started off the scoring with a stonker of a goal at 21′

Cris followed shortly thereafter at 25′

Pepe headed in one at 44′ and Yaya Toure scored City’s lone goal at 45+4′ on a penalty.

Denis rounded things out at 73′.

Oh and this happened…Man City’s Fernando answered the age old question “How do you stop Cristiano Ronaldo?” by straight up kicking him in the balls. And then laughing about it. Subtle.

tumblr_nrzv6jOTbJ1rjev45o1_500Thankfully, Cris and his goolies appear to be just fine. I’m side eyeing you, Fernando. But joke’s on him because Cris was named Man of the Match.


The team is already in China. Pictures of their arrival later. But I had to share this incredibly sweet video from the clinic the team did on Tuesday. I fell in love with this little girl Michaela and it seems like the team did as well. Having Cristiano Ronaldo imitate your goal celebration? Priceless. Watch the video – she’s kicking ass and taking names. Adorable.

– Lozil

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