Thursday: First Session

13 Aug

Satellite (3)The boys again had a day of double sessions. The morning session started with ball possession drills followed by technical and tactical work in lines. Then they had an 11 on 11 match.

They had an evening practice as well but the pictures aren’t out yet. As they did yesterday, The Baby and Fabio trained alone on the pitch while Pepe & Benz stayed in the gym.

And meet your new favorite boy band… Cristiano & the Golden Boots, perhaps?  Ballon D’Orks is more like it, amirite? I love these goofballs.

Satellite (7)And if this is our RM boy band, I guess this means we have to cast Gareth as the Zayn of the group? Now departed from the fold, possibly* due to hair horrors of epic proportions?


Just sayin’…

Anyhow, after working ridiculously late pretty much every night this week, I’m taking one back for myself. Off to see NYC FC take on DC United with Dr. P & her charming husband-to-be, AS.

– Lozil

*Yeah, I know that’s not why he’s gone, but humor me.

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