Wednesday Training & Adidas Event Part II

26 Aug

Satellite (19)RM continued preparing for Saturday’s match vs. Betis.

Karim worked with the group again while G-Money ran on his own.

Nacho and Denis took part in the second day of the Adidas event, judging the freestyle contest.

Nacho and Cheryshev participate in Adidas event
by Javier Garcia | Photographer: Pedro Castillo

The two Madrid players judged a freestyle football tournament.

Nacho and Cheryshev participated in an Adidas event that took place at the Rolling Chamartín hall in Madrid. Following in the footsteps of Bale and Marcelo last Monday, the former academy players judged a freestyle football tournament organised by the brand that the Madrid side wears.

Both commented on the side’s current situation. Nacho explained how they are approaching Betis’ visit: “We have to remain calm, at Real Madrid every game is a final. If we had beaten Sporting, we would also have to go out and win against Betis. All games are finals for Real Madrid, and while keeping calm, we have to go out and win all of the games”.

His role
“In the preseason I played as a central defender. That is the position I feel most comfortable in. I spoke to the manager and he knows that I can play in the four positions. I work in order to play, it does not matter what position I am in and the manager decides. Everyone has their role in the side but if we all help one another it is better for everyone. If, for example, the defenders can score, and the forwards can help out at the back, we will be more compact. We like to have everyone doing everything”

“Nacho: We have to remain calm and go out and win all the games.”

“What I take from Sergio Ramos is the character that he shows in every game. Pepe provides strength and Varane offers speed. I have the highest amount of competition that a player in a position can have, but I feel comfortable, I like to fight for the place and I try to play the most amount of minutes possible”.

Cheryshev: “It is a privilege to be at Real Madrid”
“It is a privilege to be here, with the best players in the world. We are here to help, when the manager creates opportunities for us to play, we will do so full of enthusiasm because being here is a real privilege. I would highlight Cristiano’s will to win, I like Bale a lot, Benzema…I could not choose just one favourite. There are really great players, the best players are here and I try to learn from them every day”.

“The main thing that the young players can contribute is the will to win and enthusiasm. We have been at Real Madrid for many years and we just want to make our little contribution in order to make this club even greater. The policy of signing young players to help is really good. If everyone makes their contribution, everything will turn out well and Real Madrid will benefit”.

– Lozil

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