International Recap

10 Sep

Bale Wales4

My original plan was to give you a daily recap of the international break. That obviously did not happen. But I do have some goodies after the jump.


Marcelo Brasil1

Marcelo and Danilo were both called up for Brazil’s friendlies. The first happened at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, NJ against Costa Rica. I decided last minute to drive to NJ and go to the match. I was joined by Mandi and A. I wanted to be able to provide you with some of my photos (and also to torture Shigs with Kaka photos) but I’m having issues getting them off the camera.

Both Marcelo and Danilo played all 90 minutes against Costa Rica and, when I could see past the woman in front of us that was dressed like it was Carnival, they looked excellent. And, in case you’re wondering, Hulk’s arse really is large.

Marcelo played 90 minutes in Brazil’s 4-1 thrashing of USA yesterday. That was a painful watch as a USA fan. Marcelo again looked excellent.

Prior to both matches, Marcelo FINALLY spoke English! He’s been practicing and so hearing him speak it publicly made me so happy!


This shot made me giggle but it made me sad at the same time. Did Danilo learn this from my once precious ginger beard?

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And I think Kaka had Shigs in mind when he posted this one.

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Bora treinar né @marcelotwelve!

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James Colombia1

James was also in New York to play against Peru. He was not only a starter, but captain in Colombia’s draw against Peru yesterday. He was subbed in the 59th minute after a harsh tackle. The Colombia medical team said it was precautionary, so let’s hope that it’s nothing serious and he’ll be fit and fabulous for us this weekend!

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Selección Colombia. #NY #joy

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Croatia drew against Azerbaijan on 3 September. Lucky Luka played 71 minutes while Kovacic (who was also handed a yellow card) played 31 minutes after coming on at 59′.

On 6 September, Modric played 90 minutes in Croatia’s 2-0 loss to Norway.



Cris and Karim

Benz and The Baby faced Portugal on 3 September, beating them 1-0. Both of them started the match and Benz was substituted in the 74th minute.

On 7 September they faced Serbia. Varane played all 90 and War Kitten came on in the 62nd minute of France’s 2-1 win over Serbia.

Benz, whose Instagram is always pure gold, posted this video in which he managed to get both Griezmann and Varane in on his head nodding. A small part of me really wants to see The Baby dance…

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Validée… @boobaofficial

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I’m also always happy for a Baby selfie.



Toni Germany5


That look is less Jeremy Renner and more… Something else.

On 4 September Germany beat Poland 3-1. Toni gave his national team 90 minutes and earned a yellow card in the 61st.

Then they faced Scotland on 7 September with #ToniLive playing all 90 minutes again in the 3-2 win.



Cris Portugal5

Cris and Pepe faced Benz and Varane on 4 September. Portugal lost to France 0-1 but Pepe played the full 90 (yay for healthy Pepe!) while Crispy was subbed in the 68th minute.

Both played the entire 0-1 win over Albania on 7 September.

Speaking of Instagram gold… Is anyone else loving Ronnie’s recent overuse of social media? THE SELFIES!

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B dia. Trainig⚽️☀️

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Just wake up. Good morning👍

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Espírito português 👍⚽️⚽️⚽️

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Thanks for tonight. G Night ✌

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To Whom It May Concern, if you need me I’ll be attempting to crawl into Cristiano’s bed using my computer as some kind of Star Trek teleport device. Please send help.



Isco Spain1


On 5 September, The Pony featured for the full 90 minutes in Spain’s 2-0 win over Albania.

Both Ramos and Carvajal played for the full 90 in the 0-1 win over Macedonia on 8 September. Isco came in at 78′.



Bale Wales1

Wales beat Cyprus 0-1 on 3 September with Bale being the only one of our players to score over the break. His goal came in the 82nd minute and he was subbed off in the 90th.

On 6 September, they played to a 0-0 draw against Israel. Had they won, they would have qualified for their first ever Euro tournament. GareBear again played 90 minutes.

Almost everyone is back in training (as Lozil has let us know) and our next match is on Saturday against Espanyol.

¡Hala Madrid!


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    That silhouette. That BEARD!

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