Ready To Meet Espanyol

12 Sep

Satellite (6)The team had their final training session Friday before heading off to Barcelona.


Danilo & James began their recovery work. James decided to communicate this by showing a picture of himself, seemingly naked in the tub. Okay.

He seems to enjoy water, (and we enjoy him) so here’s a few gratuitous “James in a pool” shots.

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Grandiosos momentos, great moments.

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Día de descanso. Day off.

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Benítez: “The team is excited, motivated and confident”
by Javier Garcia | Photographer: Angel Martinez

“We have to get a performance out of the excellent available squad members so that we are not affected by the injuries”, he added.

Rafa Benítez spoke to the media in the press room at Ciudad Real Madrid ahead of the last training session before the clash against Espanyol. The coach talked about the team’s situation and how they are approaching the game against the Catalan side: “We are excited, enthusiastic and confident, we also really respect the opponents. The best thing I can say about my group of players is that they train really well. The players that remained here during the break have trained brilliantly. Those that have returned have trained well and with enthusiasm”.

“Today everyone is going to be 100% focused on the game and I hope that tomorrow the team do well and win. Espanyol are a team full of hope and enthusiasm. They are a young squad with drive. They know that they have to work hard and make the most of counterattacks. Also they have a coach that likes them to play and have the ball, that is positive and also dangerous”.

Changes and Cristiano’s condition
“I will definitely make two changes to the starting XI against Betis…circumstances have made that choice easy for me. As for Cristiano, I like to know how our players are getting on. He is the player with most shots in La Liga, with his work rate and his quality he is definitely going to score a lot of goals and notch up a really high figure”.

De Gea
“De Gea is a Manchester United player and I have already shown that I am really satisfied with the three goalkeepers we have: Keylor, Casilla y Rubén. This is because of the way they work, play and train. Keylor knows this because I spoke directly with him”.

“I can guarantee a series of things. I can guarantee that De Gea will not be playing for Real Madrid come tomorrow. Keylor, Casilla and Rubén are our goalkeepers. I am delighted with the three of them and hope that they are not forced to work much during the games”.

Keylor Navas
“I was with Keylor on the day the market closed, along with his wife and his agent and he knows the confidence that I place in him. He is 100% at ease and confident. I have complete confidence in him. Whenever I speak I always tell the truth. I had dinner with Keylor and everything is perfectly clear between us. He knows the trust that I place in him and he is ready to play really well”.

“I am delighted with Keylor, Casilla and Ruben.”

“Keylor trained brilliantly yesterday. He made three or four really good stops, he has not been affected because he continues to be perform just as well as he did previously. I have talked to him about anything I had to discuss, and we are both delighted”.

“We know that events with international squads sometimes involve these types of problems. Having so many international players adds a greater risk. The news is a little annoying because these are two players that took part the other day and played really well. Now they will miss several games and we have to get a good performance out of the excellent available squad in order to minimise the effect of the injuries”.

The cause of Danilo’s injury
“I can say that when our players went away with their national teams we had no injured players, and now there are two. These things can happen. The reasons are squad matters that I am not going to discuss here. We try our best to manage our players and sometimes there is bad luck. We will analyse the causes of the injuries”.

Burden of international games
“I mentioned it at a managers meeting. There are too many games. Someone decides the way things are done. We see that players are going to play unimportant games. I think it is good that FIFA provides compensation for injuries. They should do so according to the damage caused to teams. If a player worth millions goes and plays an unimportant game, gets injured and continues to be paid by the club, and the club cannot do anything, then paying compensation is absolutely essential”.

Dialogue with national sides
“We always try to request information from teams and we have a direct relationship with them. We are going to further strengthen it. We have a dialogue and in the end, each manager side have their targets. There is communication and management, and there will be no problems”.

Medical staff
“I am lucky in the sense that since my arrival, I have had a good relationship and lots of dialogue with all of the club’s departments, especially the medical staff. They are working well and are quite in tune with us. Then, chance has it that two players can get injured with their national squads. I am not surprised by it. However Real Madrid have great professionals in every department”.

“I imagined that you were going to ask me about that. Sport is about bringing people together. I am going to focus on what I have ahead, a game against Espanyol. I am not worried about the rest. As Real Madrid manager, I want Real Madrid to win every game and lots of titles. If we win then other sides do not win. Football is about bringing people together, not causing a rift between them”.

The following players were called up for the match:

Goalkeepers: Keylor Navas, Kiko Casilla and Rubén Yáñez.
Defenders: Varane, Pepe, Ramos, Nacho, Marcelo, Carvajal and Arbeloa.
Midfielders: Kroos, Bale, Casemiro, Kovacic, Modric and Isco.
Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Jesé and Lucas Vázquez.

The team traveled to Barcelona on Friday and have made Hotel Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I their headquarters. (Video)

The Baby looks like he was forced to listen to the Jey M Megamix for the whole flight.

Varane looks like he was forced to listen to a Jey M Megamix the whole flight.

Arbeloa and Kiko Casilla were chosen to meet the fans at the hotel. (Video)

It will be great to see the boys back in action. HALA MADRID!

– Lozil

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