Match Post: Real Madrid v Granada

23 Sep

Cris and Syrian boy

I’m late AGAIN! I always swear to myself that I’m going to be on time. To be fair, I just watched the match. My DVR has been glitchy, which is driving me insane. Anyway, enough of the excuses! Onwards and upwards!

I know I’ve told you before that I have a soft spot for Granada. I do, thanks to my trip there. Quite similar to Lozil’s soft spot for Real Sociedad.

Starting Lineups:

Real Madrid: Keylor Navas; Dani Carvajal, Pepe, Raphael Varane, Marcelo; Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, Isco; Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Lukas Vasquez

Granada: Andres Fernandes; Miguel Lopes, Doria, David Lomban, Cristiano Biraghi; Rene Krhin, Javi Marquez; Isaac Success, Ruben Rochina, Edgar Mendez; Youssef El-Arabi

Cristiano had a very special mascot walk him out onto the pitch. It was none other than Zied Al-Mohsen, who had already gotten to visit the team with his father and brother.

I love the way he jumped to imitate Cris’ pregame ritual! He is absolutely adorable and the way that Cristiano treats him warms my heart. As my friend (yes, I like to call her a friend) Shireen Ahmed said, “He humanizes humans.”

We took the kick off and enjoyed most of the possession (as we like to do) in the beginning minutes. There wasn’t until Benzema was called offside in the 8th minute while trying to get to fabulous pass from Modric. Then Granada managed to break and get the first chance of the game.

Benzema looked like the bright spot for us. But is he ever not? Or is that just me that has her day lit up by the fact that Benz is a mess? In all his horrid fashion glory? Right.

Success was Granada’s bright spot. His speed was giving us a bit of trouble.

Then in the 20th minute, Granada had the ball in the back of the net but it was disallowed. Lucky for us El-Arabi was called offside!

Then it was our turn and we almost had a goal from Crispy but Andres made a great stop to deny our chance.

Andres showed good quality again in the 29th minute when Benzema had a close range shot. The pass came from Isco and it was lovely.

He made another fabulous save in the 32nd minute. I swore that was going to be Lucky Luka’s goal, but Andres managed to keep it out with his feet!

There were two penalty shouts in as many minutes. First when Success went down in the box on our defensive end and then when Doria brought down Vasquez at the other end. Neither was given.

The first yellow of the match was in the 35th minute and went to Edgar Mendez. He went in a bit too late on Marcelo.

Isco, not to be left out, picked up his yellow card in the 44th minute after a late challenge on Krhin.

Each side had another chance but the half ended 0-0.

Second Half:

Neither side made any changes before we got the second half underway. All I really cared about was putting the ball in the back of the net so that Barcelona couldn’t pull any more points on us! I know it’s early in the season but I want ALL THE POINTS.


Sorry. Sometimes I get carried away.

The Granada break aways gave us all a bit of indigestion, no? That’s going to be a problem against better teams. I’m not happy about that aspect at the moment.

They continued to be threatening. But our little French War Kitten put it in the back of the net in the 55th minute. Really, though, Isco’s cross was a thing of beauty. He did most of the work. All Benz had to do was direct that ball to its home.

When in doubt, head it down. Then go nuzzle the neck of your assister. Because, really, we’re all here for the cute.

Navas had to make a sensational save in the 60th minute as El-Arabi worked his way into the box. Keylor has been excellent for us. Good for him! Way to use your frustration over the transfer for good things!

In the 61st minute, Success was taken out (to my surprise) and Ibanez was brought in for Granada. Then in the 62nd minute, Benitez decided to make a switch for us as Kovacic replaced #ToniLive (who received a standing ovation).

Andres was forced into another phenomenal save in the 65th minute. Ronnie absolutely hammered it but Andres was just having a fabulous game.

Granada’s next sub came in the 67th minute as Fran Rico replaced Rochina.

Marquez was booked for a late challenge on Vasquez in the 71st minute. Nico Lopez replaced Edgar Mendez in the 77th minute then Cheryshev replaced Benz in the 78th.

Anyone else super excited about Cheryshev? I just really like him for some reason. Lots of excellent potential.

I’m relatively sure we deserved a penalty in the 82nd minute when Isco went down in the box. El-Arabi made a VERY strong challenge. I dunno. I felt like we deserved that one.

In the 86th minute, Casanova came in to replace Isco.

There were 5 minutes of added but the whistle blew and it was over. Real Madrid 1-0 Granada

Match Photos:

No post-match comments this time. But Cristiano did show of his chiseled abs at the end of the match!

On to the Bilbao match!

¡Hala Madrid y Nada Mas!


2 Responses to “Match Post: Real Madrid v Granada”

  1. Mandy September 23, 2015 at 11:37 pm #

    I honestly slept through this entire match on my couch. Out too late the night before so I was looking forward to this breakdown because I haven’t had time to watch it.

    Also, is it just me or is “Casanova” like.. hot? I never thought so but now that he’s all grown-up, my eyes have grown rather fond of his suave look.

    • mygypsyspirit September 24, 2015 at 12:02 am #

      All the apologies for getting it up so late! My DVR kept giving me an error. I managed to find a site that had uploaded the full match, though.

      Casemiro doesn’t do much for me. But he’s definitely gotten a bit more suave. I can see it. I’m currently too damn obsessed with Varane and Kroos (though that’s more of an intellectual obsession).

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