Match Recap: Real Madrid v Malaga

27 Sep

Kameni saves

I ran a half marathon yesterday without properly training for it. So, since my knees currently resemble grapefruits and I can’t move from the couch without WAY too much effort, I will knock out this match post!


I’ve been super late on match posts. Lozil has a lot going on right now, so I owe her yet another giant apology to go with the giant apology I owe all of our readers. As part of my apology, let’s do something we haven’t done in a while…

Pre-Match Social Media:

What? Like the first thing I’m going to do ISN’T show you Baby Varane?! His tweet came the night before our match against Malaga but he REALLY wanted to show off his new boots. And so did I.

James, who is still out injured, shared a photo I could resist as well.

#ToniLive’s photoshop abilities are still a bit basic.

Jese is right there with him.

“Is he looking at me?”

“He is! Okay, not freaking out…”

Starting Lineups:

Real Madrid: Keylor Navas; Dani Carvajal, Nacho, Raphael Varane, Marcelo; Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, Isco; Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Jese Rodriguez


Malaga: Carlos Kameni; Roberto Rosales, Marcos Angeleri, Weligton, Miguel Torres; Recio, Fernando Tissone, Pablo Fornals, Adnane Tighadouini, Juankar; Nordin Amrabat

I love tunnel shots. Even as many times as I’ve had the opportunity to be in the tunnel, I can’t imagine what it feels like to exit onto the pitch on match day.

I’m determined that we’re going to win all trophies this year. We’ve won a trophy in every season that I’ve managed to attend a match at the Bernabeu. I guess that means I need to get my butt to another match at the Bernabeu! But so are the more faithful Bernabeu fans than I.


Malaga kicked it off. And the first real chance of the came in the 3rd minute, when we’d gained possession. Benzem played a cross in but Torres managed to get there before Jese.

In the 5th minute, Marcelo took a great touch into the box before passing in to Cris. But Cris’ touch ended up putting it over the net.

Malaga then came on the attack and earned a corner when his shot took a deflection off Nacho and over the goal. The corner came in and the header was luckily right at Keylor (who I need a good nickname for).

Down at the other end, Carvajal played a gorgeous ball into Crispy to head it home but he was offside so the goal was null.

Marcelo put it in for Cris again in the 10th minute but again Cris just couldn’t direct his diving header home.

In the 11th minute, Amrabat took a shot that Nacho covered extremely well and it was out for another Malaga corner.

In the 13th minute, Isco took a pass from Marcelo and just couldn’t hit it right. His half volley was over the bar.

The first booking of the match was in the 28th minute. Torres picked up a yellow card for dissent after he and Varane came together.

In the 30th minute, Carvajal put in another great cross that Cris just couldn’t quite direct in.

Benzema was offside in the 31st minute, and the effort was saved by Kameni anyway. But we were so close yet again! Then Jese did such good work to drive into the box, using that speed of his, before he put the ball just behind Karim.

Malaga immediately pushed down to the other end but Juankar couldn’t find the net.

Kameni is so frustrating, no? In the 36th minute, Cris took a great pass from Carvajal but Kameni was down to save it well.

Jese delivered a ball into Cris in the 39th minute that Cris headed over the bar again. We definitely weren’t lacking the chances!

In the 42nd minute, Juankar and Navas came shin to shin and it was a little worrisome at first. Thankfully both player got up.

In the 44th minute, Cris met a volley that was just wide! Then as Benz played a pass across to Cris, Kameni got there just a moment before Cris!

It was frustrating again but it did provide us with this little moment.

Smack that all on the floor….

The first half came to a close Real Madrid 0-0 Malaga.

Second Half:

There were no changes at the break from either side. And it was our precious Blancos that got the ball rolling.

Kroos was stepped on in the 47th minute with no call. But as we pushed forward, Cris had a beautiful half volley strike that was saved very well by Kameni.

Malaga pushed down to the other end, and Varane slid into a tackle that earned him a yellow card and Malaga a freekick. That freekick forced a brilliant save by Navas in the upper corner. He read it so well!

Cris had another shot in the 50th minute that only could hit the side netting.

Nacho absolutely leveled Amrabat in the 52nd minute, earning a yellow card. He kind of needed to make the tackle, however. Nacho was doing very well to step up and cover since we’re missing both Sergio and Pepe. I’m so proud of Stalker!

Benzema had a shot in the 56th minute that Kameni got to very well again.

In the 58th minute Cris again headed a ball in that was deflected over by Weligton. SO frustrating!

Shortly after, Jese took a shot that barely went over the net. Ray Hudson was going on and on about the strike. He actually hit it into the ground which is what caused it to bounce over the net. It was a very good strike and, for probably only the second time, I had to smile at the way he went on and on about it.

Unfortunately, he then grabbed his calf and went down pounding the ground. It was so heartbreaking to see him stretchered off the field. He was replaced by Kovacic.

We just kept having chance after chance and no goal would come of it.

Recio was booked in the 66th minute after a rough tackle on Modric.

Malaga made their first change in the 70th minute after relentless attacks from our boys. Tighadouini was replaced by Juanpi.

And almost immediately, Benz showed how good he is in tight spaces (FABOD is probably cracking up right now) but Kameni was there for the save.

Malaga pushed down to our defensive end and beat Marcelo, but Amrabat’s shot was just wide of the post.

In the 76th minute, Modric started the play that made me jump off my seat. He played it into Kovacic, who found Cris. His pass then went to Benz, who tried to play a quick pass back to Cris. Benz’s pass came off the defender, however, and he had a clear shot that Kameni spilled out to Isco. Isco’s sliding shot looked like it crossed the freaking line! But the ref said no.


In the 77th minute Amrabat received a red card after he threw his arm into Marcelo’s face. I mean he just intentionally threw his elbow into Marcelo.

Malaga made their next sub in the 80th minute as Horta replaced Fornals.

Cris missed just wide in the 84th minute from an Isco pass. What an unlucky match for our favorite tanned superstar.

Juanpi picked up a yellow card in the 87th minute for dissent and Carvajal followed suit in the 89th minute.

In the 90th minute, Isco had the ball in the back of the net but Modric had already been called offside.

We still love you Cris!

After 5 minutes of added time, Malaga had held on and we’d dropped points. Real Madrid 0-0 Malaga.

Match Photos:


Post Match Comments:

Benitez post match


Benitez: “We created chances to score and take all three points”

“When a team sit back, like they did in the second half, it is not as easy to find space”, he added.

Rafa Benítez spoke in the Bernabéu’s press room, where he assessed his team’s performance against Málaga: “These things happen in football. You dominate large parts of the game, you create loads of chances, but you can’t hit the target and you end up with a goalless draw. The players carved out chances to score and take all three points. When a team sit back and defend, as happened in the second half, it becomes more difficult for you to find space, but even so we had a lot of clear goalscoring opportunities”.

“There were some nerves towards the end but for large parts of the game we attacked on both flanks, played one-twos inside and from those positions you have to swing in crosses, but we did create chances. Perhaps during the last five minutes, when we needed to keep our cool and continue playing and moving the ball around calmly, it wasn’t easy. With that in mind, I must reiterate that we are still at the beginning of the season”. 

Isco’s disallowed goal
“I didn’t see if it crossed the line or not. There were two or three situations you could talk about. I won’t say anything. A goal-line official for these kinds of scenarios and the goal-line technology used in other sports would always be helpful”.

“He suffered from bad cramp, that’s all there was to it. For the moment that’s what we think the issue was”.

He only made once change
“The team dominated, looked to play out wider and close down spaces for fullbacks and putting more people on when there were already quality players was not needed, nor was there much room. We could have added energy, but it was not a matter of energy, but rather of precision. The players on the pitch had enough quality but the goalkeeper had agreat game”.

“Creating so many chances seems positive to me but preventing opponents from attacking is something that we need to correct and managing that anxiety is something else that we need to keep improving on. When the rival’s keeper is the best player it means that you have done your job, attacked, and created so many chances that he has had to get involved a lot”.

Draws in Gijón and today
“I do not like it but if we are talking about the two games, we had chances and shots. In such situations, the only thing to do is try and create more. It is also important to manage the last few minutes better so that you can have one or two chances that completely change the game and the result”.

“Fans want to see the team win, but they also want to see them create chances and battle. Today we did that. We need to keep working, create chances and be more accurate”.

“We are talking about the fact that the big teams have to play two games per week and maintain a very high intensity and that is not always easy. Today, the game was about having possession and we put out a quality team to do that. In terms of fitness the team looked good and it was not easy”.

“I think that the numbers, 31 shots of goal, and the chances, should be enough to get a goal at least, if not more. Creating clearer chances against a side that really sit back is not easy. We made a three man midfield and we put out a more attacking team”.

Navas post match

Keylor Navas: “We are angry because we could have won”

“We tried in every possible way but the ball just would not go in”, said Marcelo.

Keylor Navas explained his feelings following the game against Málaga: “It is difficult to explain it. We have to be calmer and see where we made mistakes. We go away quite angry because it is a game that we could have won and we did not manage that”.

“Things move on, the league is very long and we are going to try not to drop more points, and to get closer to our aim. I am not worried about my performance because I always try to do work well. Thank God I was able to respond at the times when my team needed me. That is the purpose of the work carried out”.

The team’s performance
“We are working well in defence and it is a shame that we were not able to get goals today. In football, sometimes the opponent’s goal just refueses to allow the ball in and it is not possible to score. I try to do things well and it fills me with satisfaction that people enjoy my work”.

Praise for Kameni
“He had a great game, he is a hardworking person and is able to recognise the work of others and that is positive”.

“All of the games are difficult and we want to win, we never go out to draw. We had a great game in Bilbao and today we have dropped two important points. However, we need to have a clear conscience given that we made a great effort”.

Marcelo: “We will keep fighting to return to top of the league”
“These games are things that happen in football and we tried everything possible, down the wings, through the centre, but the ball just would not go in. There is a lot of La Liga left and we know that we have to give everything right up until the end. We will keep fighting to return to the top of the league again”.

Clean sheets
“One of the aims is to not concede goals and we are managing that, however in order to be top of the table, it is also necessary to score goals. There are no easy games and you have to approach each game as if it were a final. In Barcelona, it was difficult against Espanyol, against Athletic too, and now this game, but that is not an excuse. Now we have to think about the Champions League”.

Cristiano Ronaldo
“Everyone knows what he is like. He is not obsessed with beating records but rather he aims to help the team to win”.

The referees and Messi
“Referees can make mistakes just as players do. I hope that Messi recovers soon”.

Post-Match Social Media:

Think Keylor was proud of this save? He should be!

I think Toni spoke for all of us when  he called it an annoying result.

We play Champions League on Wednesday against Malmo. It’ll be tough with all of our injuries but, as per my usual, I believe whole-heartedly in this team.

Now, I’m going to go watch Doctor Who because I can (Thank you Lozil!)!

¡Hala Madrid y Nada Mas!



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  2. jellyace September 28, 2015 at 9:30 pm #

    Thank you for the match recaps. I no longer get La Liga, Champions League, or Premier League on TV, and no longer seem to be able to stay up until 2 or 3am to live stream the matches. So your recaps do help me keep up and I really appreciate it. No pressure on the deadlines. One suggestion: can you include the final score in either the title or in the first paragraph?

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      Hmmm… I like that idea. I think I can probably start putting the final score in the title 😉

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