Match Recap – Champions League: Malmö 0 – Real Madrid 2

1 Oct

Malmo stadium

I like to travel (in case you couldn’t tell) and Sweden is on my VERY long list of places that I’d really like to go. Needless to say you can add it to the other VERY long list I have running: “Reasons To Be Jealous of Real Madrid Players.”

Prior to the start of the match, the boys got busy on social media.

Pre-Match Social Media:

Yes, hello. It is a DAMN FINE morning if that’s how you’re going to greet us Mr. Suddenly Dapper.

A grinning Varane for our pleasure. Or is it just my pleasure? I have a serious issue, my friends!

A reminder from #ToniLive and his haircut

I love that Marcelo is using English. I don’t even know why it just makes me so smiley.

Cheryshev showed off his boots.

Karim wanted us to check out a new song. I really just have nothing to say. I can’t.

View this post on Instagram

@djspadenyc @trackdilla New Song💯

A post shared by Karim Benzema (@karimbenzema) on

The Mothership announced the team would be wearing our third kits for the first time. For some reason, the fact that they used this photo from FIFA ’16 cracked me up.

The team also announced that they would be wearing black armbands for the match in memory of Ignacio Zoco.

Starting Lineups:

Malmö: Johan Wiland, Anton Tinnerholm, Yoshimar Yotun, Rasmus Bengtsson, Kari Arnason, Oscar Lewicki, Enoch Kofi Adu, Vladimir Rodic, Markus Rosenberg, Jo Inge Berget, Nikola Djurdjic

Real Madrid: Keylor Navas, Dani Carvajal, Raphael Varane, Nacho, Alvaro Arbeloa, Toni Kroos, Casemiro, Mateo Kovacic, Isco, Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema


Marcelo and Modric were rested ahead of our match against Atleti on Saturday. Personally, I really needed (yes, needed) to see Isco step up and be that amazing little bow-legged beauty he was last season. And, unfortunately, we still have WAY too many injuries.

The lack of Sergio, Pepe, and Marcelo meant that the captain’s band fell to Cristiano. A very worthy captain in my very important opinion.

Did anyone else notice during the anthem that Kovacic and Nacho were awfully fidgety? Poor woobinses looked quite nervous.

We got the game kicked off in our very pretty third kit. I really do like it. I’m not convinced of our away kit, but I like this one.

It was Malmö that got the first push into the final third. But we said NO WAY! And took possession back. Isco got the first shot but it was definitely not one of his better ones.

Kovacic continued to look a little nervous. He made a few plays that showed nerves at the beginning.

Malmö had a shot on goal in the 9th minute but it was an easy save for Keylor. Then we gave the ball away cheaply but again it was easy save for our Costa Rican savior.

Kovacic picked up the first yellow card of the match in the 11th minute. The tackle was late but he never touched the Malmö player. I don’t know about you guys, but I wasn’t too impressed with the call.

In the 16th minute, Benzema did GREAT work on the line before playing the ball to Cris who was waiting near the top of the box. Unfortunately, Crispy’s wide open shot was directly at the goalkeeper. The spilled save was wasted as no one jumped on the rebound.

The next yellow card of the match came in the 21st minute when Rosenberg clattered into Casanova’s back. Off the restart, Cris tried to volley an excellent long pass from Carvajal but he hit it horribly and it was sky high.

Malmö had a freekick in the 24th minute. Berget curled it but Keylor made an easy save to keep the shot out.

I have to take a moment and make an observation. Has anyone else noticed how these guys take an insane number of throw-ins “illegally”? I mean feet over the line, or not bringing it all the way over their heads, etc. It’s the most basic thing and I see SO many illegal throw-ins.

Cristiano scored our first goal of the match in the 29th minute. Isco played an excellent through ball and Cris shot it like the cool cat that he is into the net.

Personally, I loved the way Nacho took it upon himself to mount Crispy like a gorgeous stallion. I had no idea Nacho was part of the Cristiano fan club. Learn something new every day!

Berget earned a yellow card in the 36th minute for a late tackle on Dani. Then Yotun earned a yellow for arguing with the ref. Thou dost protest too much!

Casemiro was the next to pick up a yellow in the 38th minute. His tackle came from behind on Djurdjic and he got NONE of the ball. I’m disappointed Casanova!

Kovacic had a collision with Lewicki in the 41st minute that earned us a freekick near the center line. They were just all over Kovacic in the central area of the pitch. He seems to be rather small. He gets pushed around a lot.

GAH! Carvajal had an amazing shot with the outside of his foot on a half volley. But it hit the post and the crossbar and bounced out. It would have been such a sweet goal!

Isco earned a freekick in the 43rd minute and Cris stood over it. He hit it directly into the wall, however and it was semi-cleared by Malmö.

As the ball ping-ponged around, Isco went down and stayed down. I wasn’t sure what happened but he got up like his shoulder had taken a big impact.

What is this face?

The half ended Malmö 0 – Real Madrid 1

Second Half:

Malmö got the second half kicked off with no changes from either side. And just because I like Keylor, here’s a random gif.

Benz, Isco and Kovacic (who seriously needs a nickname) had some good play in the 51st minute but Kovacic’s shot was wide.

Kroos decided he wanted some action in the 61st minute, but his drilled shot was deflected and ended up wide.

In the 67th minute, both sides made their first changes. For Malmö it was Wolff (best name ever) Eikrem to replace Rodic. While for Madrid it was Luka replacing War Kitten.

Guys! Our headband dreams still live!

In the 73rd, Kovacic was replaced by Lucas Vazquez.

Just a minute later Malmö forced a shot that was entirely too close. Navas got down well and the ball was just wide of the net.

Isco earned the 6th yellow of the match in the 75th minute for a perceived foul on Tinnerholm. There really was nothing. This ref was not impressing me.

We continued to work the ball into the box and looked good doing it. Then in the 78th minute, Yotun was sent off for Malmö on a straight red card. This after earning a yellow in the first half for dissent. Vazquez had knocked the ball around Yotun and the Malmö defender basically punched Vazquez in the face.

Kroos took the freekick but no one was there to send the ball to its home in the back of the neck.

In the 81st minute, Malmö brought Carvalho in for Djurdjic. The in the 84th, Benitez let our little Russian hotness have some minutes as Cheryshev replaced Isco.

Was it just me or was Wiland doing quite well? Cris probably could have had 5 if not for Malmö’s keeper. I swear goalkeepers all turn into Tim Howard against Real Madrid lately! Wiland just kept denying Crispy.

At least, he denied him until the 90th minute when Mr. 500 Goals became Mr. 501 Goals. Vazquez did very well to send in a low cross and all Ronnie had to do was touch it in from a couple of yards out. He is now level with Raul as Real Madrid’s top goalscorer.

And after 3 minutes of added time, that was it. Malmö 0 – Real Madrid 2.

Match Photos:

Post-Match Comments:

Benitez post match


Benitez: “I’m very satisfied because we won, kept a clean sheet and Cristiano broke the record”
by Javier Garcia

“If we’re talking about Real Madrid’s history and goalscorers, Ronaldo has achieved this feat in less time, which makes it all the more remarkable”, he added.

Rafa Benítez assessed Real Madrid’s win over Malmö in the Swedbank Stadion press room and also spoke about the new record set by Cristiano Ronaldo, who is now the club’s all-time top goalscorer: “I’ve already said that he is an indisputable player for us and he’s shown that yet again. I’m very satisfied because we won, didn’t concede any goals, picked up three points and Cristiano scored twice to break the record. If we’re talking about the history of Real Madrid and the club’s goalscorers, it’s worth pointing out that he has needed less time to achieve this feat and that makes what he’s doing all the more remarkable”.

“We played slightly better than we did against Málaga. We had more than 70% possession. We managers are eternally dissatisfied and we’re always looking to cut out mistakes and improve things. Their two or three threats on goal came from mistakes and through us not playing the easy ball. I’m very pleased with the team, but it’s my responsibility to try and improve things”.

“The decision to use players who’ve played fewer minutes worked out and it proves that they’re working hard and training well. This allows me to give them playing time and for them to prove themselves. The problem comes if the players don’t put the work in because then, when you do play them, it shows. They all showed the hard work they’ve been putting in, their talent and professionalism”.

“I set up with a thoughtful starting line-up that was strong enough to win. We controlled the game. However, as things play out, you might decide to freshen things up with a change. Modric can pull the strings and he allows us to retain more of the ball”.

Bringing on Benzema
“Their full backs starting pushing forward and they began whipping in crosses. We looked for a way to freshen things up and adjust things from a tactical perspective”.

Arbeloa post match

Arbeloa: “The sky’s the limit for Cristiano”
by Javier Garcia (Malmö)

“For me, Cristiano is the best player in the world”, said Casemiro.

Álvaro Arbeloa reflected on Real Madrid’s victory over Malmö on Wednesday night: “We knew that on their home ground they were a dangerous oufit who are physically strong and play with a lot of intensity. We worked hard and put in a focused display, and we’re really happy with the three points. They defended well and looked to make the most of their counter-attacks. In the first half we were really in control, we got the goal and after that the second half was more open”.

“We’re really happy about Cristiano’s achievement. It’s incredible. I think that no-one could have thought that he or any other player could achieve such figures; he’s become a Real Madrid legend. You feel like the sky’s the limit for him. I hope he carries on like this, we owe him a lot. We have to do everything we can to make sure he feels comfortable, and get the most out of him with our style of play”.

Playing position
“We’re here to help the team. I’m happy playing wherever because it had been a little while that I hadn’t, and in that respect I’m pleased”.

Keylor Navas: “The team are working really well”
“The team are working really well, we’re managing to keep clean sheets and that’s one of our targets when we take to the pitch. We’re happy with the job we’re doing and we hope to carry on in this vein. Malmö are good at home, they’re a really good side and their fans get behind them throughout. It was a match where we couldn’t afford any carelessness or over-confidence, because they could take advantage of that”.

“We all congratulate Cristiano, because what he manages to do isn’t easy. On top of his talent, he puts in hard work day in, day out to try to beat records. For us it’s a privilege to be alongside him every day, and you can only learn from him”.

Casemiro: “Cristiano is the best in the world”
“We know that every game is tough in the Champions League and the team deserves credit for the win. We put in a really good performance, we were solid at the back and kept another clean sheet, which is always really important. For me, Cristiano is the best player in the world; he’s always out for records, he’s always out to score goals and he’s always out to help the team”.

Lucas Vázquez: “You can’t praise Cristiano highly enough”
“I’m happy to have got some minutes in this game and to have helped the team. I think that the referee was right on the sending-off. I’m going to carry on working hard and making the most of my opportunities. I feel lucky to be working alongside guys as good as Cristiano, who is the best player in the world. You can’t praise him highly enough”.

Ronaldo post match

Cristiano Ronaldo: “It is an honour to break this record at the best club in the world”
by Antonio M. Leal/Javier Garcia

“I have great admiration for Raúl. He sent me a message after the match congratulating me”, he explained.

With his brace against Malmö, Cristiano Ronaldo’s legendary status at Real Madrid has grown even larger and he has now the club’s all-time top goalscorer. In 308 games for the Whites his goal tally stands at 324, thus surpassing Raúl’s 323. After the full time whistle, the star of the show stated: “I’m very happy, this is a special moment. I’d like to thank my team-mates for helping me reach this number. Breaking this record at the best club in the world is a real honour for me”. 

“It’s what I wanted, but what matters most is that the team won and that we’re top of the group. It’s not easy. The first time I put on the Real Madrid jersey I thought about one day becoming the top goalscorer. This is a special moment but I still want to score more goals”.

More records
“This means a great deal to me. When I joined I said I wanted to give my best for this jersey and that’s what I’m doing. I’m achieving my objectives by playing well and helping the club to win. I want to break more records”.

“He is a person I deeply admire. He sent me a message after the match to congratulate me. I’m delighted and I’m certain Raúl is happy too because he sincerely told me that me break the record was a wonderful moment”.

“They have a very strong side and they’re playing really well. They are candidates to win the Champions League and it’s going to be an extremely tough match, but we’re ready for them. We have to play against the best teams because that is the only way we can win the Champions League, but we’re ready for the challenge and are in good shape”.

“The team played well and created a lot of chances. When the opposition sit back, don’t take risks and only look to hit you on the break, it can be difficult, but we controlled the game with 70% possession. We’re on six points and are top of the group. On assessment things are going well, we’re looking good”. 

His first goal
Cristiano Ronaldo showcased his attacking prowess on the day of his competitive debut, back on 29 August 2009, when he chipped in with a goal during a 3-2 victory over Deportivo in the Santiago Bernabéu. Since then, his knack of finding the back of the net has seen him become the Madrid club’s all-time top scorer in his 7th season with the Whites: 33 goals (2009/10), 54 (2010/11), 60 (2011/12), 55 (2012/13), 51 (2013/14), 61 (2014/15) and 10 (2015/16).

His Champions League record
The brace against Malmö also saw Cristiano Ronaldo surpass Raúl’s tally of 66 European Cup goals. As such, the Portuguese ace is now Real Madrid’s all-time top scorer in the continent’s elite competition, with 67 goals to his name.

Goals in other competitions
In addition to his impressive Champions League figure, Ronaldo’s 324 goals are spread across a further four competitions. He also holds the club record for La Liga goals scored with 231, while he has racked up 21 in the Copa del Rey, hit the target 3 times in the Spanish Super Cup, and notched up a further 2 in the European Super Cup.

Post-Match Social Media:

Baby Borja Mayoral posted a photo with Cristiano.

Casemiro showed his devotion to the Cristiano fan club with this photo.

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Leyenda de la historia del fútbol y del @realmadrid

A post shared by Casemiro (@casemiro) on

Both Varane and Nacho shared this post-match photo

Arbeloa, always one to give credit where credit is due, graced us with his slowly disappearing social media presence.

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A post shared by Álvaro Arbeloa (@17arbeloa) on

Petr Cech gave his congrats to his former Premiere League rival.

Even Enrique Iglesias chimed in!

The Madrid Derbi is on Sunday! I’m not ready!

¡Hala Madrid y Nada Mas!


3 Responses to “Match Recap – Champions League: Malmö 0 – Real Madrid 2”

  1. Mandy October 1, 2015 at 10:49 pm #

    One thing I have noticed over the last year, the bigger the bags under Toni’s eyes the better he plays. No joke. This match he completes more passes than any other player (132) and held over 90% pass accuracy.
    As I said ion Twitter, he was all over the pitch. He played high in the center then he held back and hung to the left. He’s by far my favorite midfielder in the world so I pay very close attention to him, maybe too much. I wear his jersey more than any other that I own. He may not score a lot. Whether Real are wining or losing he argues with the ref in nearly every match. Regardless, the boy is pure gold! I hope he stays at Real Madrid for a long time.

    • mygypsyspirit October 2, 2015 at 12:00 am #

      I forgot to use your “heat map” tweet! LOL

      I adore Toni. One thing I kind of hate about the fact that Cristiano and Messi are so good is that it’s put a lot more emphasis on goalscoring midfielders. Too often the midfielders that string passes together and make the gears turn are overlooked in favor of the Ronaldos, Messis, and even the 2007 Kakas. “Best players in the world” is now based on how many goals you can score. Not whether you do your job better than anyone else does their job. I lament this fact often in that I think defenders don’t get enough credit.

      I made the comment a long time ago that I thought that Ozil could win the Ballon d’Or if he kept up his form. I, in no way, predicted that Ronaldo and Messi would stay in such amazing form. The last person to win the Ballon d’Or that wasn’t either of those two was Kaka in 2007. That’s almost 10 years ago! But I feel very strongly that Ozil still could at some point, although I think Robert Lewandowski is going to be making a strong case for himself. I would also like to see someone like Varane or Toni get close.

      • Mandy October 6, 2015 at 5:15 pm #

        Toni, Varane and Rob Lewy were all nominated. I hate that Gigi was not nominated.

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