Lukita Trains, Preppin’ For PSG & An Isco-view

19 Oct

Satellite (5)Returns all over the place! I’m back from a lovely weekend in Wilmington, NC where I attended the wedding of watishista correspondent Dr. P (who was a very beautiful bride) to the delightful AS. Mazel tov! In the bridal party were watishista Mandi and watishisto PLL who both looked fantastic. The ever peripatetic mygypsyspirit is on her way back from Madrid where she decided to do some eyewitness reporting at the match vs. Levante. And in team news, our beloved Lukita is back training with the team.

This is especially welcome news  as G-Money has been diagnosed with “a soleus muscle injury in his left leg.” He worked out indoors with Arbeloa and K-Nav. Other injured players: Benz, Pepe, Dani & James. Argh. ARGH!

Joining the first team for training were Marcos Llorente, Enzo Fernández, Juan José Narváez and Mariano Díaz of Castilla and Jacobo González of the U19 team.



Isco: “PSG are one of the Champions League’s most complete teams”

“We are going to play two extremely tough games against them, both of which will be decided on the smallest of details”.

In an interview with the Bwin website, Isco looked ahead to Wednesday’s meeting with PSG, a match in which the top spot in the Champions League’s group A will be up for grabs: “They are one of the most complete sides in the competition and have great players. Fast, strong players who can determine the outcome of games. We are going to play two extremely tough encounters against them, the results of which will be decided on the smallest of details when a mistake is made by one of the teams. That is where we will need to be strong”.

“We have to continue playing as we have been up until now, as we’re scoring lots of goals and conceding very few. The key is staying on this track, remaining compact, solid at the back and making the most of our power up front”.

Atmosphere in Parc des Princes
“The atmosphere and the level of expectation are at fever pitch when a team like Real Madrid comes to town. Their supporters are going to get behind them and will liven things up a great deal, but we’re confident about getting a good result there with our brand of football. I reckon it will be a low-scoring game but I hope it’s us who get the few goals that do go in”.

The chink in PSG’s armour
“I’m not sure they have a weak point. They are a very good side, very strong and very complete, but they’re going to be up against a Real Madrid team with plenty of strengths and a forward line that is very hard to deal with”.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is the hungriest player I have ever seen.”

“Cristiano defines himself in each game and each training session. He’s the hungriest player I’ve ever seen and he’s always working. He has instincts that very few people possess and he helps us out a lot”.

Raúl’s retirement
“He’s a legend not just for Real Madrid, but for the world football as a whole given the career he’s had, his courage, his level of sacrifice and how he honoured the Real Madrid jersey. His career has been full of success”.

Hypothetical Champions League final
“I think what matters most is how the team perform. If the team go far or win the competition, we would be remembered more fondly on an individual level than if we were to get eliminated along the way”.

I am a tad nervous about Wednesday with all the injuries, but how amazing will it be to watch Cris vs. The Big Z? Always a delight.

– Lozil

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  1. jellyace October 25, 2015 at 3:30 am #

    Best wishes to Dr. P!

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