Prepping For Sevilla

5 Nov

Satellite (9)In good news, Dani & G-Money were back to training with the team and both are expected to be available for the match with Sevilla on Sunday.

Sadly, Marcelo (muscle contraction of the left thigh) and Keylor (leg pain) are both going to be out for Sunday but are expected back for El Clasico. Castilla’s Marcos Llorente, Odegaard and Mayoral joined the first teams for the session today.

Fresh off his detainment in France, Karim trained on his own in an evening session.

And in case you missed it, he was also caught speeding (AGAIN!) without his license in a restricted error and fined. There were rumors that he is supposed to appear before a judge on the day of the Clasico, but since it’s a Saturday, I’m not sure if that’s true. Does traffic court run on weekends in Spain? Either way: IDIOT.


Satellite (12)


Casilla: “Our aim is to compete for everything”
Photographer: Victor Carretero

“The Sevilla game will be really difficult but it is important that we keep up the good run before the international break”, he explained.

Kiko Casilla appeared at an advertising event and spoke about the Whites’ current situation: “Real Madrid is the best side in the world. We know that we always have to win and that motivates us to be at our top level. Our aim is to compete for everything. We are on the right path and everyone in the dressing room wants the run to continue”.

“The next game in Seville will be really difficult but we know that we must give everything to maintain this run of results. That will be very important before the international break”.

On returning to Real Madrid
“Coming back to Madrid has been a dream come true. I never lost hope of returning home. The welcome from teammates and coaches was fantastic. Everyone has been great. This dressing room is magnificent and perhaps there are some people that get the wrong idea because the teammates here are brilliant and humble people”.

Lookin’ good, Kiko!

– Lozil

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