A Conflict Of Interest

29 Nov

Satellite (10)Man, I am so behind. The first half is over and I’m just getting to yesterday’s events. In my defense, mygypsyspirit was visiting and we had the world’s longest brunch – about 9 hours! Anyhow, I have to do something to keep my mind off how lackluster our play is right now. Hence, a post.So – conflict of interest – I own shares in Eibar (as do a few other watishistas). Do I root for my team or… my team? 🙂 Sorry Eibar. You can have my money, but my heart will always belong to RM first. That said, I like Eibar – scrappy little team. (BTW, tomorrow is the 75th anniversary of their founding).

The team traveled to Bilbao last night. Oh Gipuzkoa, how I miss you!

One little boy couldn’t keep back his tears when meeting Cris. CR7 was very sweet, speaking to him, signing a picture and shirt and giving the little boy a big hug.

The team stayed at the Hotel Carlton. Dani Carvajal and Lucas Vazquez were chosen to meet the fans. Arbeloa also made a guest appearance.

Let’s hope the second half perks up! Kudos to Gareth for that header though.

– Lozil

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