Match Recap: Real Madrid 4 – 1 Getafe

8 Dec

Getafe score

I don’t know about you guys, but I was ready for a match like the first half of this one. We just looked like we found our groove. And then we lost it. Which is one of my giant issues right now and I’ll get into that in a post that’s upcoming.

I love sharing the video and photos of the fans. Really, we are the backbone of the club. I like to celebrate the fans as much as I love to celebrate our amazing players.

Starting Lineups:

Real Madrid: Keylor Navas; Lucas Vazquez, Pepe, Nacho, Danilo; Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, James Rodriguez; Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale

Getafe: Vicente Guaita; Damian Suarez, Alexis, Cala, Roberto Lago; Wanderson, Medhi Lacen, Victor Rodriguez; Angel Lafita, Alvaro Vazquez, Pablo Sarabia

I was excited to see Vazquez start for us. I love the potential of this kid but I do love most of our babies.

I also love James’ smile. I’d like to continue seeing his smile in our lineup. I try not to pay attention to a lot of the press but sometimes it’s hard to ignore. Especially when he gets subbed and his face is devastated. No one should make James look devastated.

I actually missed the first part of the match, meaning I missed Benz scoring in the 4th minute. Not a bad goal. Pepe put a really good cross in and all Karim had to do was put an easy volley into the back of the net.

With all that’s been going on with Benz, it’s good to see that he’s getting his head back in the game.

Guaita had two fabulous saves. One in the 8th minute and one in the 12th minute. The second save (12′) was the more fab of the two. Benz’s header was pretty spot on.

However Guaita could do nothing about goal number two from Benzema. He wiggled free of his defenders well and fired past him.

Look at the love in Gareth’s eyes as he approaches Karim! Do we have a new bromance brewing?!

Speaking of GareBear… He had a hell of a shot in the 24th minute but it was wide of the post. I wanted that one for him. It would have been a stunning goal.

Getafe started to push forward and had a couple of untroubling shots on goal.

But where Gareth missed before, he made up for in the 35th minute. It was a fabulous goal from him. Cris knocked it back with his head in order to keep it in and Bale settled well before taking a touch and hitting it with his left foot. Gareth makes me smile. His hair and beard do not, but his goals and assists do.

We were playing the way I love seeing us play. With that said, Getafe were not great on defense and that was helping us a lot.

In the 38th minute, Danilo received the first yellow card of the match for a late tackle on Sarabia.

Shortly after Cris gave us our 4th goal. I loved this goal too. #ToniLive’s through pass was pretty. Crispy’s shot on goal was pretty. It was all around pretty and I wanted to join in the love fest (Not that I don’t always)


The half ended without much more. Real Madrid 4-0 Getafe

Second Half:

Getafe replaced Vazquez with Scepovic to start the second half.

In the 49th minute, we almost got a happy Benz hat-trick. However his shot was just wide of the post.

In the 51st minute, Danilo left the field, with Arbeloa ready to go on but then entered the field again. It was a bit of a bizarre moment.

Getafe blessed us with Peter Lion’s presence in the 62nd minute. While Lucky Luka was replaced by Kovacic.

We were playing possession for the sake of possession at this point, which drives me insane. And it came back to bite us in the ass a bit.

In the 70th minute, Alexis got a super header in to give Getafe a goal.

And Leon was giving us issues from there. He really plays well against us. Sometimes I wonder if it’s to spite us for the way that he was let go.

In the 78th minute, Alexis stayed down when he got the ball smashed into his face. Getafe made no sub then, but we did. Jese came in for Benz.

In the 80th minute Getafe brought in Bernard Mensah to replace Victor Rodriguez.

James was trying his best to get us another goal but it wasn’t happening for him. Then Toni fired directly into Guaita’s arms. We just didn’t seem to have that 5th goal in us. I was growing entirely disappointed in our second half play.

Pepe was given a rest in the 87th minute. Arbeloa was his replacement.

So, Lozil had a quick conversation about this moment. And AGAIN I’m going to address the Arbeloa hate.

People hate him. I get it. I know it. I’ve heard about it ALL THE FREAKING TIME. But he is one of our players. He is a youth product of the club that we all claim to love. He is on the list (albeit quite a ways down) to take the armband. BUT people lost their minds about Pepe handing him the captain’s armband.

Can we all just take a glance at the second gif? Watch his left hand as he kisses Pepe on the cheek. He’s pointing to Cristiano. Arbeloa didn’t put the armband on, even though Pepe tried to help him. He didn’t put it on because he knows that after Pepe, before him, comes Cristiano.

So why are we freaking out about him taking the armband again?


The final big moment of the match was a save by Keylor on a shot from Sarabia. But that was it.

Real Madrid 4 – 1 Getafe

Match Photos:

Post-Match Comments:

Benitez post match


Benitez: “The first half showed everything this team has in its locker”

“Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema found each other and got themselves on the scoresheet, and have every reason to feel pleased about that”, he added.

Rafa Benítez spoke to the media in the Santiago Bernabéu press room following Real Madrid’s win over Getafe. The Whites’ head coach moved to highlight his side’s start to the match: “The team were really focused right from the off. They showed that they were at it and knew what they had to do. We got the three points with a great first-half display and have kept our recent form going”.

“The first half showed everything this team has in its locker and everything they’re capable of doing in games where those players who’ve been coming back into the side can make the difference. We put in a really good 45 minutes. The team have played several very good matches. If we analyse them, there are three or four of extremely high quality. Today the team’s performance didn’t fall away in the second half: they were winning 4-0 and they sought to manage the game. The team’s intensity dropped a bit because the job was done”.

“By getting all three points with a great first-half display, we saw that when these players, who are so important to us, are getting into their stride and achieving good mutual coordination, they really hurt defences. The three of them found each other, got themselves on the scoresheet and worked hard for the team. They have every reason to feel pleased about that. It’s important that they play well and score goals, and that will help them keep their morale on a high”.

Karim Benzema
“I’d spoken to Benzema this week and the fact that he scored two goals further underlines what I’ve already said: he’s very important for us and helps the others to play well. When I spoke to him he was raring to play, and we even spoke about him scoring two goals. He met his target. He’s focused and he knows that he has to perform well on the football pitch because that will help him to tackle any problem”.

“We know what the atmosphere was like and our job was to be very focused to ensure we performed well from the off. The pleasing thing for the fans was seeing a great start from the team, who then managed the game well”.

“We have the utmost respect for the fans. We’re looking to put in good performances and win games to ensure our season is firmly back on course, because that way the fans will be happy. Every team his its own peculiarities. Everyone expects us to win every game, and everything to be perfect. We have to stick together and work hard to achieve what we’ve achieved today. The team’s reaction on the back of a difficult situation was very good, and that’s the main thing I’ll come away with”.

“It’s quite a lot simpler than it appears. I spoke to the doctor and he told me that he still didn’t have the all-clear. He completed the session before the game, which is always a more controlled session. Today he trained and did well again, indicating that he’ll probably be available against Malmö, but today was too early. He’s improving and what we want is to protect a player who first got injured and then did so again”.

James and Danilo
“Against Cádiz, James showed a bit more. Today he worked really hard, he had to run hard and that wasn’t easy. With the games ahead his fitness will improve further, and there can be no argument about his quality. Danilo had his foot trodden on and he felt it, but in the end it was nothing”.

“We focus on doing our job. Every day we try to do as well as possible. Social media enables a lot of people to express their opinions without knowing what’s happening on the inside. I’m optimistic; I see a team with the ability to keep on progressing and I’m calm, because I can see that everyone is giving it their all”.

Bale post match

Bale: “The first half was incredible”

“We’re coming on a lot and picking up important points”, declared Keylor Navas.

Gareth Bale knocked in the third against Getafe and spoke about the squad’s current impressive form: “Winning is the most important thing. The first half was incredible, we were all working for each other and we showcased our good form. What matters most is that the team are united, that we win games and try to get better every day”. 

“Personally speaking, I feel comfortable with where I’m being played on the pitch and I always do the best I can. It’s nice to score but the most important thing is the team. I have a good relationship with Rafa Benítez. The fans were great and they always want us to win”.

Nacho: “It was a difficult day out and we were very focused from the start”
“We played at a very high level, we were extremely focused from the start of the game, we knew it was going to be difficult day out and I think the team gave a good account of themselves. We wanted the second-half performance to mirror the first but we already had a very commanding lead by then, and all things considered we played well and kept things quite tight. Obviously it wasn’t like the first half but we can leave here satisfied”.

“We’re out of the Copa del Rey for the moment, but the club is going to appeal the decision and we are very hopeful. We want to keep playing the Copa del Rey, we’ll wait to see what decision is made. The last thing we at Real Madrid want is to be out of the competition, especially all the players, because it’s a competition we all really enjoy playing. Hopefully there’ll be a favourable outcome”.

Keylor Navas: “We deserved the three points”
“Real Madrid gave a well-rounded performance. The team are aware that there are still a few things to work on, but we deserved the three points. We’re coming on a lot and putting important points on the board. Touch wood we can continue like this and march onwards. We have to push ourselves to the limit”.

Danilo: “Our goal is always to win”
“We’re happy with the performance. The fans were behind us throughout the match. We’re a great side full of great players and we have to continue working. Our goal is always to win. By taking it one step at a time we’re coming away with three points. I feel comfortable out on the left, it’s not my strongest side but I’m here to help the team”.

Benzema and the Copa
“Benzema is hugely important for us, just like all the players are. We’re happy for him and he has the backing of the whole squad. As for the Copa del Rey, the president has already spoken about the matter. We have to wait now and do our best out on the pitch”.

I’m trying not to be super angry about Benitez because my dislike has become very tangible. But to say that we showed everything that we had in the first half, then to have a second half that showed nothing but not acknowledge that. I just… UGH!

I’m not saying he has to talk bad about the team. He never should. But acknowledge that there is a problem. FFS!

I’ll hold most of that until my ranty post later. For now, I owe you a Champions League post and it’s “night-night time” as Cap just told his dogs.

Hala Madrid y Nada Mas (even when I want to throttle them)


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