Continued Prep For Villareal & It’s Off

11 Dec

Satellite (12)The team continued their efforts in preparation for Sunday’s match at El Madrigal.

Marcos Llorente and Mariano of Castilla and the Under-19s Salto joined the first team for the session. Dani & The Baby continue their recovery.

And the Administrative Court of Sport denied our appeal and well I’ll be damned, we actually decided to respect their decision. How refreshing! So that’s that – we’re out of the Copa Del Rey.

But that’s okay, we’re on an Emirates plane!

Equipo de altos vuelos/ A high flying team. 🔝✈️ 🔝

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Oy, hope they have someone with airbrushing skills on call in case Benz’s case doesn’t go his way.

To counteract the drama and cleanse the palate, please enjoy this picture of the delightful Marcelo and his second consecutive adorable smiley son, Liam.

Marcelo and Liam 😍😍😍🙈

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The Alves Vieira clan always makes everything better.

– Lozil


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