Thursday Training & More

17 Dec

Satellite (7)The team continued preparing for the match vs. Rayo Vallecano on Sunday.

The first team was joined by Castilla players Carlos Abad, Philipp Lienhart, Borja Mayoral and Marcos Llorente at the session. Toni was out with the flu. Dani & The Baby worked out indoors.

And speaking of babies, Martin Odegaard had a birthday today.
Martin OdegaardHe turned ::gulp:: seventeen. Oy vey. Feliz cumpleaños, wooobins. Call us when you’re legal (and add at least 10 years to that timeline so we can live with ourselves).

Marcelo was named a’Friend of the Madrid Committee for Unicef’


Marcelo named a ‘Friend of the Madrid Committee for Unicef’
by Javier Garcia | Photographer: Victor Carretero

“I’m immensely proud and honoured to be able to help children”, said the Brazilian.

Marcelo was named as a Friend of the Madrid Committee for Unicef in an event held at the United Nations agency’s office in the Spanish capital on Thursday. “I’m really proud to be here helping children who are in need. I’ll give my all to help kids to grow well and have everything they need”, said the Real Madrid player, who was accompanied by the Unicef representatives Alberto Martínez and José María Palazuelos.

The Brazilian answered questions from a group of children and from the media, and moved to reiterate his commitment to supporting Unicef in its children’s aid efforts: “As a father myself, I want to see all children enjoy a good childhood and have everything they need. As a sportsman, I can help a lot, and I’m immensely proud and honoured to be able to do so”.

His childhood
“I had a tough childhood; it wasn’t easy. When you’re a kid, you don’t know how far you can go, and what I did was keep working bit by bit. It was my grandfather who helped me the most from an early age. Without him, I wouldn’t have carved out the career I have”.

“I’d dedicate my best goal to those children most in need.”

“Sportsmen and women have the power to do so much. We can help to ensure children grow happy and healthy. We want to bring joy to children, not just those who support Real Madrid, but all children across the world. For me, it’s worrying that there are still children suffering, going hungry and experiencing hardship”.

The importance of football
“For me, football is everything. Practically everything I have today is down to football. It makes me immensely happy to wake up every morning and know that I’m a footballer. Football is a world with the power and potential to help a huge amount. We have the power to do so much and if all sportsmen and women can help out then that’d be incredible”.

Children in Brazil
“Brazil has improved a lot, it’s in very good shape now. However, there are still things to improve. For me, it’s worrying that there are still kids who can’t smile or experience joy. I’ll do everything I can to help see healthy and happy children”.

The values of Real Madrid
“I’ve been at Real Madrid for a number of years and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve also learned a lot from becoming a father, because there are a lot of things that you become aware of. You want your child to get a good education and be healthy. That’s my aim: for children to be able to get a good education, be healthy and not suffer from hunger. I’ll give my all to help see smiles on kids’ faces”.

– Lozil

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