Haidar, You With The Stars In Your Eyes* , Christmas Catch Up & More

31 Dec

Satellite (10)While it was nice to end our year with a 3-1 win today, there were moments of sadness. First, no Pirata and most upsetting, Jailbait! tore his ACL for the third time and was carried off on a stretcher. I’m absolutely gutted for him. He’s like the Spanish Stu Holden. ūüė¶

So how about we have some happy? Here’s more pictures from little Haidar’s visit to Madrid. I cracked up at how delighted he is to see a picture of Cris and how nervous he looks when confronted with the real one again.

In that last picture, it looks like Haidar is thinking “JFC! He’s so orange!” I think watishista Mandy is correct – Cris has had some work done recently. ¬†He looks more like a mannequin than usual.

All said and done and Cris plasticity aside, it looks like the tiny woobins and his relatives had a great time on the trip. Tiny Haidar deserves some peace and happiness. I’m glad RM was able to provide a bit of a respite for him.

Some lucky kiddies got to meet another club legend. Our Under-13 team went to the 20th International La Liga Promises Tournament in Miami and waiting to greet them was Raul! (Video) The kids look excited to meet Rulo. Well, except for that one on the end – is he related to Denis? Because he also looks allergic to smiling. Either that or he’s completely freaking out with nerves being that close to Raul. I totally get that because I stood next to Raul once and after he left, my eyes welled up with tears. No shame about that at all. Being that close to someone you’ve idolized forever is a tad overwhelming. So Stoic Kid On The End, you are my soul brother. Loz gets it. (Oooh, look at me getting all Zlatan-y and referring to myself in the third person!)

Satellite (16)I blew off posting the Christmas videos because I was doing holiday stuff so here they are. As always it’s fun to see the pairings. We get an up close and personal look at Denis’s hideous plaid Sergio-style Frankenblazer, which is a delight. Cris looked beyond bored waiting for Pepe to give his spiel. Jese¬†& James ended up together as did 3 members of the Clone Club: Dani, Isco & Nacho.¬†Arbie & Toni gamely tried to express their holiday wishes in each other’s language as did Gareth & Keylor. It was pretty adorable. You’re going to be deeply sick of hearing Jingle Bells by the third video or so. I highly recommend skipping past the intros.

And Castilla made a video too:

Which pairing is your favorite and how long until we get the bloopers?!

– Lozil

*Did you really think I’d miss a chance to make a cheesy musical pun? Not bloody likely. For the young ‘uns out there, the post title refers to this song.

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