UPDATED: Third Annual Cena Pirata

4 Jan

download (2)The glorious and civic minded Esteban hosted the third annual Cena Pirata charitable dinner last night in San Sebastian.

¡Buenos días desde el Palacio Miramar en San Sebastián! Ultimando preparativos para la III Cena Pirata. #cenapirata

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The dinner took place at the Palacio Miramar and benefited the Fundación Why Not, which works to improve the quality of life of people with diseases/mental disorders and their families.

I see one of the sponsors of the event is Hello Media Group which is owned by the Arbeloa brothers.  Another sponsor is Best of You Sports which is co-owned by Oscar Ribot (ex-Real Madrid press officer) and Pedro Granero (Esteban’s brother).  Alvaro & Xabi favorited the dinner pictures on Facebook. I love how close they all still are.

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El menú de la #CenaPirata

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El Pirata looked fantastic in a three piece suit as he greeted his guests, which included many of his teammates, various celebs and also children from Pausoka and Aspace along with other organizations that the Fundación Why Not partners with.

Charla distendida entre el anfitrión @egranero11 y el gran @aritz_aranburu al comienzo de la #cenapirata

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El protagonista #CenaPirata #movistar #donosti

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¡Muchas gracias @baumeetmercier! #CenaPirata

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And I was ridiculously excited that Pirata’s BFF, Leiva, made an appearance as well. I can hear mygypsyspirit’s squee all the way here in Brooklyn. (Sounds like mine when I saw it!) And I’m sure the wounded whale sound that I made when I saw that Leiva has shaved most of his beard leaving just a pornstache was replicated on her end as well. Oh the humanity!

And Pirata posted a shoutout to Jailbait! along with a picture of them from last year’s Cena Pirata saying that he would miss him at the dinner this year and wished him a quick return to the team.

Esta noche te echaré de menos en la #CenaPirata. Vuelve pronto, amigo.

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UPDATED: A couple more pictures from the event including this fun one of Leiva and Esteban.

Gigantesco y legendario 'bonus track' para esta #CenaPirata. Qué gran sorpresa…

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Confidencias de la #CenaPirata

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@lujanarguelles y @egranero11 anoche, en la #CenaPirata

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I’m delighted at how Pirata has settled in and seems so happy in San Sebastian. He’s active with the team and the community. I think he’s landed in exactly in the right place.

– Lozil

2 Responses to “UPDATED: Third Annual Cena Pirata”

  1. h January 7, 2016 at 8:32 am #

    Is Leiva Pirata’s partner?

    • headbandsandheartbreak January 7, 2016 at 6:35 pm #

      Not that I am aware of. Last I knew Pirata had a girlfriend (but I haven’t seen her in awhile) and Leiva has dated plenty of ladies. But who knows? I do know that they are super close friends and have been for years. Don’t know if you are aware (and you may well be – if so, my apologies) but Leiva is a famous musician in Spain, first with his former band Pereza and currently as a solo artist. I just wanted to put him into context for anyone who didn’t know. He’s a massive football fan (an Atleti supporter!) and Pirata is an amateur musician so the two of them seem like each other’s half. They are also both madrileños.

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