Dude Looks Like A Lady

9 Jan

Um, is it just me or does Pepe look like he rolled out of bed late for his photo op with FloPeezy, freaked and grabbed the nearest clothes to throw on and they turned out to be Ana Sofia’s?

Because between those jeggings and that floaty lady version of Iker’s grandpa sweater, that’s the only reason I can imagine he’d be dressed like that.

Perhaps he was inspired by his visit to the circus last week where he held up a Salvador Dali-lookin’ dude who looks like he’s dressed as Sergio Ramos if Sese were a middle school principal’s secretary at the office Christmas party.

We’ll never know I guess. He still dresses better than Dani Alves.  Anyhow, congrats on 300 games, Pepe! (and next time, leave the jeggings home)

– Lozil


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