Pizza with King Muppet Baby

1 Feb

944048_10206122835965619_8528292165295339336_nJuve fan Gianmarco Fraglica went out for pizza last week and unexpectedly got a side of Morata to go with it. In relaying Gianmarco’s fan story to accompany the great picture collage above, I thought I’d take a couple liberties and allow you, dear readers, to have a little fun with it.

  • After attending Juve’s Italia Cup win over Inter, ____ decides to go out for pizza to celebrate.
  • ____ favourite Juve player Alvaro Morata and ‘his people’ also decide to go for pizza to celebrate Alvaro pulling a brace in the match.
  • ____ nervously approaches Alvaro in the restaurant for a picture, and he happily obliges.
  • One of Alvaro’s ‘people’ sneaks off and returns with a ‘Morata’ Juve shirt just for ____.
  • Alvaro signs the shirt, “to my friend ____ with such affection. Alvaro Morata.”
  • ____ thanks Alvaro for the shirt and heads off to pick it up order.
  • Alvaro calls out to ____ and invites ____ to join ‘his people’ to break bread and ingest pizza together.
  • They eat, they be merry, and they (one assumes) awkwardly yet jovially struggle through the language barrier.
  • Attempts are made by Alvaro to teach ____ Spanish. Hilarity ensues.
  • Alvaro then asks for ____’s phone number and picks up the check.
  • ____ explodes internal confetti in disbelief and fan squees.
  • Numbers are exchanged and Alvaro tells ____ they are now friends and to call sometime.
  • Hugs are exchanged. More internal confetti.
  • ____ heads home and relays the events of the evening on social media for all to read.
  • ____ has ____ dreams that night.
  • Alvaro dreams: “it’s good to be king.”

Bonus pizza special:



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