Welcome To The World Kennady Rose Holden!

2 Feb

Congratulations to one of my favorite footy couples Stu Holden & Karalyn West Holden on the birth of their first child, Kennady Rose. Big “brother” Toby must be delighted. Did you see the adorable way he announced his impending sibling?

Have you guys heard the news?!?! My 9 year run as an only child has come to an end! I'm going to be a Big Brother!!! #BabyH

A photo posted by Toby West Holden (@toby_the_teacup_pup) on

He also had a prominent part in his parents’ wedding.

Holding down the Ring Bearer duties for Mommy & Daddy's wedding! #HereComesTheBride

A photo posted by Toby West Holden (@toby_the_teacup_pup) on

So happy for the adorable little family. Mazel tov!

– Lozil

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