Carnival Bebés & More Silliness

6 Feb

I noticed a bunch of pictures of ‘ballers’ bebés in costumes today. At first I was like “Is it some sort of international ‘Bebés in Costumes Day’ that I know nothing about?” But then I realized, it’s Carnival! First up is the ever delightful Raul Arbeloa as Luke Skywalker (or as he pronounces it “Lud Ezawater” according to his mami, Carlota).

Guti’s little Enzo is a prince to his buddy Isabella’s princess.

And the Albiol Roig clan (Azahara, Alma, Romeo & Mia).  The girls look to be fairies and well, I’m not really sure what Romeo is.

Y sigue la pelea para salir en la foto😩

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3 horas intentando hacer una foto para que salga esto 😩

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Alicia lamented that she’s been trying to take a picture of all four of the kids together in their costumes for 3 hours and this was the best that she could do because the littlest ones seem to be in a bit of a brawl. I think parents everywhere can sympathize!

!!!!!!Hulk!!!!!! 😆

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I had to include this fantastic picture she posted earlier this week. I love tiny Romeo gazing awestruck at the gigantic Hulk.

Oh and while we’re at it as you can see, they’re having a whole lot of nerdy grown up fun in Napoli (note the special guest stars: Chori, Marta, Alicia, Calleti, etc.)


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Although this isn’t carnival related, Salome still looks cute, so here’s some pictures of her as she keeps her mami company in Colombia where Daniela is participating in Bailando con las Estrellas (Dancing with the Stars).

Una amistad llena de admiración , gracias por tanto @orlandoduque

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Mi mejor compañia ! 💝

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Mis amores dándose apoyo mutuo las amoo

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And Salome sent a message to her papi James.

Papa te amo y eres el mejor 💝 #halamadrid

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Oh and here’s Cristiano, Junior and daddy’s birthday cake.


– Lozil



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