Tuesday Training & A Visit From Keylor

9 Feb

Satellite (2)The team had their first training session of the week in preparation for Saturday’s match versus Athletic Bilbao.

Zizou called up two of the three Pips – Martin Odegaard and Marcos Llorente to join the first team. (Video) Gareth & with a acromioclavicular shoulder joint dislocation. Pepe continued recovery work, Luka and Dani stayed indoors. Marcelo didn’t take to the field. He’s been diagnosed with a “acromioclavicular shoulder joint dislocation.” Argh.

Keylor traveled to Albacete to meet with the kids from the Real Madrid Foundation School.


Keylor Navas visits Real Madrid Foundation School in Albacete

“I hope that professionals in the world of sport and other areas will emerge from here”, stated the goalkeeper.

Keylor Navas visited pupils at the Real Madrid Foundation socio-sporting school in Albacete. The Real Madrid goalkeeper was accompanied by Sandra Jiménez, director of the Castilla-La Mancha Football Federation Foundation; Fabiola Ruiz, project manager at the Miguel Fenollera Association; and María Jesús Catalá, regional manager of La Caixa in Castilla-La Mancha and Extremadura.

The children from the school, which has 70 pupils and 3 managers, enjoyed a different day of training as they got to meet one of their idols, who in turn looked delighted at the event: “They have to make the most of the opportunity they are getting to play football with very highly qualified coaches and other people that are trying to help them become good people who enjoy success”.

“When I was little I dreamed of being a professional player and I can assure you that if you fight for your dreams they will become reality. I hope that professionals in the world of sport and other areas will emerge from here”.

Sandra Jiménez: “Keylor is someone to take inspiration from”
“The dream of the Albacete school has come true. Keylor is a role model as a player and a person. He is a player that should be someone to take inspiration from. He respects his opponents, he is disciplined and humble, and this has turned him into the best goalkeeper in Spain”.

“La Caixa Bank Foundation, the Miguel Fenollera Association and the Castilla-La Mancha Football Federation Foundation are collaborating on the project.”

María Jesús Catalá stated: “We congratulate the Foundation for its socio-sporting schools program, that encourage football as an educational tool, enabling children to grow as people”.

Fabiola Ruiz: “Thanks for committing to our identity”
“Thanks to Keylor for sharing some time with us and to the Foundation for committing to our identity and guiding us with your methods. Thanks to you, 70 children follow a personalised monitoring scheme and we are attaining big goals in the daily lives of children, such as reducing school absenteeism”.

Collaboration project
The Real Madrid Foundation socio-sporting school in Albacete forms part of a comprehensive project of the Miguel Fenollera Association with the Council of Communities of Castilla-La Mancha. The involvement of the association includes integrating family groups at risk of social exclusion and educating their children. It is the first season of this project that is unique in the way that parents help professional coaches.

– Lozil


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