Third Session Prepping For Atleti

25 Feb

Satellite (12)The team continued their preparation for this weekend’s derby. Karim Benzema returned to the pitch and Pip Borja Mayoral was called up to join the first team.



Cristiano: “We have to win the derby and fight for La Liga until the end”

“I am very proud of my years at Real Madrid, I am happy and I want to be at this club”, stated the forward.

Cristiano Ronaldo is in his seventh season as a Real Madrid player. The Whites face Atlético Madrid this Saturday and the Portuguese player offered his views in an interview given to Mahou: “It is an important game, at home, in front of the fans, against a tough opponent, that defends well. It is a game that we have to win, and go into strong”.

“We know that La Liga is difficult but we need to fight until the end. Football is full of surprises and anything can happen. You have to fight until the end. I hope that it will be a great game on Saturday and that Real Madrid can win”.

“Playing at the greatest club in the world has good aspects but obviously there are things that aren’t so good. It is a club with a lot of pressure, inside and coming from outside too, but I have been here for many years and I am used to it. The grandeur of the club means that people look at us differently to others. However, on a personal level things are positive, I am very happy and I want to be at this club”.

A title
“The hope of the Real Madrid fans is always the Champions League. We were able to win it two years ago, which was a unique moment for us as well as the fans, but I have to highlight other titles that were important for me and other positive things on a personal level. I am very proud of my years at Real Madrid”.

“I feel happy when people chant my name.”

“Almost everyone involved in sport has crazy habits. I always go out onto the pitch with my right foot forward, I do the same routines but I don’t go crazy over it. I try to do the things that went well for me in the last game that I scored in”.

Best player
“I always thought about coming here and showing that I was the best. I try to do that year after year, not only with titles but also with goals and fantastic performances. Little by little I am leaving my mark. It is always good to know that the fans back you. I feel happy and even prouder when the fans chant my name”.

“I like to do lots of things away from football. Football requires a lot of dedication. It is not only two hours of training. I arrive an hour and a half before and stay for longer afterwards. In the afternoon I also do my own stuff at home. I live for what I am, which is football. However, I like to spend time my family, go out for dinner, go to the cinema, socialise with people, I like to travel. I like to do simple things”.

“I do what I love the most, from an early age, I dreamed about being a player, I win things individually and with the team so I am lucky and I cannot complain about anything. There is no perfect scenario for me or for anyone else”.

“I love living in Madrid and I would love to continue living here when I finish my career because this country has given me a large part of what I have, the people are amazing, it is close to Portugal, has a great climate and I love it”.

– Lozil


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