Wednesday Training, Interviews & Sese’s Launch

30 Mar

Satellite (1)Man oh man, am I tired. I had to be up and out of the house by 7:30 AM to get to an all day seminar. Of course, I couldn’t sleep last night so I’m totally dragging. (I am NOT a morning person).So, drive by time!

Birthday boy Sergio completed the whole training session today. Marcos Llorente, Mariano, Tejero, Enzo and Héctor from Castilla joined the session. Pepe, Cris, The Baby and Toni were given the day off. (Video)



Bale: “We need to go out and attack Barcelona and exploit their weaknesses”
by Alberto Navarro | Photographer: Angel Martinez

“I’m in good form and I hope to continue playing well and help the team win trophies”, the Real Madrid player added.

Gareth Bale took to the media room at Real Madrid City three days ahead of the La Liga clash against Barcelona. The Whites’ player had the following to say ahead of Saturday’s Camp Nou showdown: “We need to go out and attack Barcelona and exploit their weaknesses. We have to score and simply win the game, it’ll be tough. They’re playing very well, but we’ve got to go out and give 100%. We’ve got a game plan and if we perform to our best we are capable of winning at the Camp Nou”.

“Anything is possible in football. We know that we’re 10 points behind and that we’ll fight on until the end. Winning La Liga is still possible and if we win on Saturday we’ll be seven points behind and you never know what might happen. We’ll give 100% and try to win. If we play well in La Liga we’ll have more confidence going into the Champions League game. We’re taking things game by game. There are areas to improve on and I hope that between now and the end of the season we improve and we win some silverware”.

Tribute to Cruyff
“Cruyff is a Barcelona legend, but everyone respects him as a player and as a person. On Saturday we will all pay our tributes to him and so we should”.

Current form
“Last season I didn’t perform to my potential and this time round I’ve improved. It’s important to keep on working hard and it’s difficult in a foreign country. This season I’ve been playing better as I’ve constantly been growing and improving. There’s still a long way to go and I hope to continue to help the team”.

“I was playing very well before I got injured, but injuries are part of it and there’s not much you can do about them. I now feel more comfortable and I speak Spanish in the dressing room. The happier you are, the better you perform, but I’ve got to keep working hard and helping the team”.

Position out on the pitch
“Everyone knows that I like to play centrally, where I can drift around. I like coming in off the right flank and having more freedom. I don’t mind playing on the left, although I prefer playing centrally or on the right”.

Adapting to Madrid
“I feel as if I’m adapting better. I’m learning more about the country and the language all the time. I like living here, although the meal times differ from my country. My family are also comfortable here. I’m under contract until 2019 and I’ll continue to play here and try to win as many trophies as possible”.

“Ramos leads by example and he’s a warrior out on the pitch. Everyone here admires him.”

“It’s Sergio Ramos’ 30th birthday. We had some cake and I wish him a happy birthday. He’s a great captain and an excellent player. He leads by example and he’s a warrior out on the pitch. Everyone here admires him”.

What Zidane asks of him
“I think exactly the same as what he asks of everyone else. We have to attack and defend as a team and be united. Perhaps before we weren’t as united, but now we’re working together as a team and it helps if we all work together”.

“I’m not surprised that Zidane gets angry. He reacts just as any other coach would. Sometimes we need a gentle push in the right direction. He’s doing a very good job and he gives us a lot of confidence. I hope to end the season by winning a trophy”.

Ballon d’Or
“I don’t give much thought to individual awards. I try to concentrate on playing for Real Madrid and on improving as a player. Individual awards aren’t very important and I’m concentrating on winning as much as I can with Real Madrid. The rest will come with time”.

“The three of us have a very good relationship and we play very well together. We’re not the ones to be saying whether we’re the best or not. We can only do our best, try to score and make the fans happy”.

“It’s great that he’s back from his injury. He’s one of the top players in world football and it’s great to have him here. We hope that he carries on playing as he always does and that he scores”.

Messi, Suárez and Neymar
“They are world-class players and they do a great job. It’ll be a great game on Saturday and it’ll be one that everyone will be able to enjoy, we’re going to try to make it as exciting as possible”.

The way the game is played in Spain
“It’s very different to the Premier League. I’m getting better by the year and last season was a difficult one. It’s good to have a bad season because you learn a lot about yourself, you become stronger and you see where you have to improve. I now have a better understanding of how the game is played here and I hope there’ll be a lot more to come from me in the future”.


Sergio Ramos: “The team is in fine spirits”
by Alberto Navarro | Photographer: Angel Martinez

“We’re keen to put in a good performance and it’s easier when you put your heart and soul into it and show character and application”, the captain declared.

Sergio Ramos spoke to and Realmadrid TV on the day of his 30th birthday.The captain had the following to say ahead of the Clásico: “The team is in very good shape. This is a week and a game that we don’t need to a say a lot about because we all know the massive consequences and importance that comes with playing in a Clásico, particularly given what we’ve been through this season. In football anything can happen and the team is in fine spirits ahead of the run-in”.

“After the bad result in the first Clásico, football gives you the chance for revenge and on Saturday we’ve got the opportunity to play away against a great team like Barcelona. We’re keen to perform well. The team is on very good form and is in a positive frame of mind to go there and put in a great performance and pick up the three points, which would serve to reduce the gap with them in La Liga”.

Key areas in the Clásico
“Football is difficult, but we’re keen to put in a good performance and it’s easier when you put your heart and soul into it and show character and application. Anything can happen because there’ll be a referee out there and we’ll be coming up against great team, who have dangerous players who can make all the difference”.

“We must try to defend well because these games hinge on small details and the team that ends up winning is usally the one that makes the least mistakes. Let’s hope that Real Madrid put in a great performance and claim the victory”.

“We want to put in a great performance there and pick up the three points, which would server to reduce the gap in La Liga.”
“I thank all of my teammates for the welcome they gave me today. It’s always gratifying to feel the affection and warmth of your teammates because you share a lot of moments with them and they’re like family. Feeling loved within your family is very special and right from when I parked up they were showing me their affection. You offer your teammates your affection and they pay it back on days like this”.

His birthday
“I’m very happy because it’s a special day. I’m celebrating my 30th birthday, I’ve been here for many years and I can look back on memories like when we won la Décima. Whenever I think about that moment it makes my hairs stand on end. Every time I see a photo or image of the goal, it still moves me. It was one of the best moments of my life and for everyone related to Real Madrid it’s one of the most special memories in the club’s history”.

The new website
“We’ve launched my new website, it’s a new platform and is a new way of allowing me to get closer to my fans. Given my personality, I’ve always kept myself a bit out of it all and tried to protect my privacy, but here I show a more intimate side and reveal my passion for horses and music”.

“It features people who have had an influence on my professional career, and on a personal level, people who are fond of me and know me very well. I want the website to allow people to get a better feel for who Sergio Ramos is. I hope that it’s well liked and that people are able to discover the hobbies which inspire me day-after-day”.

Sergio also launched his new website today. Sadly, he didn’t take any of my suggestions for content. Sheesh. (To be fair, he did include a part on his horses and music, but not exactly how I envisioned it).

And Pilar shared this photo with her man.

And finally, in preparation for the Clasico, the mothership put up some of Karim & Cristiano’s best goals vs. Barca.

And on that note, I need to get some sleep pronto!


– Lozil


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