Preparation For Villareal Begins

18 Apr

Satellite (12)Apologies again for the lack of posts. I’m in the thick of packing for my move and UGH. I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff in the past decade. I know once I’m on the other side of all this, it will be fine but the preparation SUCKS. Speaking of preparation, the boys got down to work for the match on Wednesday.

Everyone was present with the exception of Dani, who trained indoors.

And here’s a bit on Cris, being awesome as usual…

And what about that match this weekend? I was able to keep an eye on it while packing and oof! That sure was something. Jese passing to Cris for that last goal was sweet and unselfish.

And Barca lost again? Whoa. Only one point separates the top three on the table. So we just have to play our very best for the remaining 3 games, get all the points and hope one of the other teams slips up. It’s going to be a nail biter.

– Lozil


One Response to “Preparation For Villareal Begins”

  1. Jellyace April 20, 2016 at 3:42 am #

    I’ve been on vacation for the past week and just checked the table and omg! We are just one point behind atletico and barca! This is so exciting!

    Good luck with your move, Lozil! I hope you found the home of your dreams!

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