Ready For Villareal

19 Apr

Satellite (4)The team finished preparing for tomorrow’s match with Villareal.

Martin Odegaard was called up for the match. Gareth and Dani worked inside, both of who are nursing slight injuries and will be rested tomorrow.



Zidane: “We’re going to fight for La Liga until the end”
by Alberto Navarro | Photographer: Helios De La Rubia
“We’re playing for a lot in every game and we need the support of the fans”, added the Real Madrid coach.

Zinedine Zidane spoke in the press room at the Real Madrid City the day before the La Liga game against Villarreal (Wednesday, 10:00pm CEST). The Whites’ coach analysed the game against the team from Castellon at the Santiago Bernabéu: “We’re going to fight for La Liga until the end. We’re playing for a lot in every game and we need the support of the fans, they are an extra help as always, and now more so because they know that we need their support. I ask that the fans are always with us and that they are going be and they’ll be behind their team”.

“Villarreal are a very difficult team because defensively they are good and it’s difficult to find a way to beat them. We have to do the same as in the latest games: prepare well and to think that it is going to be difficult. We must start the game well and out plan is to play in their half. Denis Suárez is a good player”.

Chances of winning the double
“We haven’t won anything. We’re in a good position. People are talking a lot but I don’t like to listen. We’ve got the chance to fight for La Liga and the Champions League but we haven’t won anything. The players think like me: focused on what we have to do in each game”.

“We are capable of winning both titles and closer every day, but that doesn’t mean anything. We have to work hard and fight until the last game and the last minute. We are going to work hard, it’s the only thing that I can guarantee. This is how we’re thinking: only about the next game. Tomorrow it’s Villareal, after that Rayo…”.

A good season?
“The players are having one, but you know what football is like and more so at Real Madrid. What you have to do is give your best every day to be able to achieve things at the end of the season. Each week were are getting better and that’s a very good thing”.

Chances of winning La Liga
“I don’t know when the perception changed from La Liga being lost to having a chance of winning it. We lost against Atlético, a direct opponent, but what I learnt as a player is that when you lose everyone thinks that things are not going well. Although at the time I said it was lost, I knew that there was a chance of winning it. Even if you are first, you don’t know if you are going to win the league”.

“I want to highlight the focus of the players at th all times, every day.”

“I see in training every day that we can win La Liga and the hard work is paying off in the matches. I know what this feels like because I have played football and I know when the players are totally focused on their work, and at the moment they are very focused. They know that they have to improve every day but we know we can do something”.

Atlético and Barcelona
“I see them winning all their games, that’s why we have to fight until the end. They are ahead of us in La Liga, firstly we must overtake Atlético and that’s not going to be easy because they’ve got what it takes to win all of their games. There is no favourite, all three teams are”.

Barcelona’s form
“Everyone has their problems but I’m not thinking about that, only about what we have to do. They are still first and we must continue with our work and the hope that we can win something, but always based around hard work. If they win every game and so do we, we’ll not be champions, that’s why we must win every game”.

“He picked it up after the Getafe game. He’ll not be involved as he’s got an overload but we hope it’s only that. It’s a little pain that he’s got behind the leg but I’m not a doctor. He’ll not be with us tomorrow but I hope he’ll be back for the next game”.

“He’s got a great future ahead of him and I’ve got a good relationship with him because he’s a very straight forward lad and every day he’s improving his Spanish. He’s a very important player for the team and he knows that but he’s young and can still improve”.

“We’re going to monitor it every day. He’s got some discomfort, he’s got a bruise. He’ll not be available tomorrow. We’re going to take it a day at a time and we’ll see for the next game”.

Leaders in the dressing room
“We’ve got a lot of important players, with experience, World and European Champions. I’ve got a lot of leaders and I can’t single out anyone in particular. We’ve got players in the dressing room with a lot of personality and coaches like that”.

Call Ups

The following players were called up for the match:

Goalkeepers: Keylor Navas, Casilla and Yáñez.
Defenders: Varane, Ramos, Nacho, Marcelo, Arbeloa and Danilo.
Midfielders: Kroos, James, Casemiro, Kovacic, Modric and Isco.
Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Lucas Vázquez and Jesé.

And here’s an appearance by Gareth on Adidas Gamedayplus which came out on April 12th.


– Lozil


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