Back to Training with Good News, Bad News, and A Goodbye

6 May

Benz and Ramos

I’m taking over the blog for a couple of days while Lozil does everything she needs to for her move. In the meantime, the team got back to training today in preparation for Sunday’s match against Valencia.

The team had their first training session following the win against Manchester City that put us into the final of the Champions League. Baby Borja Mayoral (and his luscious locks) was called up for the session. Benzema and Casemiro, who were out for that match, rejoined the squad on the pitch (video). That’s the good news.

The bad news?

Bale, Carvajal, and K-Nav all worked out indoors. All of them took knocks in the match against Manchester City. G-Money came away with a joint strain while K-Nav came away with a problem in his achilles tendon.

The mothership also had an interview with Lucas Vazquez.

Vazquez interview


Lucas Vazquez: “With the fans’ help we’re going to fight for the two titles”

“I want to thank our supporters for their backing on Wednesday and let them know that we’ll need them to reproduce it on Sunday”, insisted the youth team product.

Real Madrid face Valencia on Sunday in what is the last game of the season at the Santiago Bernabéu (5pm CEST). Lucas Vázquez has expressed his certainty that, with the backing of the home faithful, the team will continue to fight for the La Liga title right until the end of the campaign. In an interview given to and Realmadrid TV he had the following to say: “I want to thank our supporters for their backing on Wednesday and let them know that we’ll need them to reproduce it on Sunday. We’ll be giving our all out on the pitch. With their help we’re going to try and win the game, and fight right till the end for the two titles”.

“At the start of the year, it looked as if we wouldn’t be in this situation, but we’re now very happy, very confident and looking forward to playing for the two titles that we’re in with a chance of winning. We’re really keen to win both of them and our enthusiasm to do so couldn’t be any greater. We’re in great form and we’re now focusing on Sunday’s game against Valencia”.

Celebrating reaching the final with the fans 
“It was amazing. I recorded it to be able to watch it back over and over again and to send it to family and friends, so that they could all see what it’s like to experience this from the inside. This amazing, lovely memory of when the team and supporters came together is one we’ll always keep. It was incredible”.

His current form
“I’m happy. The coach is giving me the chances and I’m trying to help the team in whatever way I can. I hope that things continue on like this. Reaching the Champions League final in my first year here is a dream come true, but we want to finish the season in style by winning it and then celebrating it with everyone”.

And on Sunday, Arbeloa will play his last home match in a Real Madrid jersey. We all knew he’d be leaving but it’s now confirmed.

Casemiro tweeted about it.

Arbeloa also tweeted his thanks.

Arbeloa started with Real Madrid when he was 18. He spent time at Deportivo La Coruña and Liverpool before making his way back to Real Madrid in the summer of 2009. There’s no word yet on whether he’ll retire or move to another club.

Love him or hate him, Arbeloa is one of ours. He pulls that shirt over his head just like everyone else and he knows that it is an honor to play for this club. He’s made mistakes but he’s human. He contributed to the team by being a part of it.

Here at the blog, we’ll miss the way he touches his teammates in inappropriate ways.

Gracias Espartano.


2 Responses to “Back to Training with Good News, Bad News, and A Goodbye”

  1. M May 7, 2016 at 4:30 am #

    I remember when Alvaro joined us back again. It was a much simpler time. Or have I just forgotten all the drama that was going around? All the very best to him.

  2. Katie Ann May 8, 2016 at 1:43 pm #

    “Here at the blog, we’ll miss the way he touches his teammates in inappropriate ways.” *snicker* Ain’t it the truth…

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