Ready For Deportivo

13 May

Satellite (5)Boy is it hard to talk about training and the last game of the season after what happened earlier but here it is anyways – a quick rundown.

The entire team with the exception of Lucas Vazquez who is recovering, were called up for the session.


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Ready 😉⚽️

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Zidane: “We will believe we can win La Liga until the last second”

“What I’m concerned about is our game because that is what we can control”, he added.

Zinedine Zidane spoke to the media before the final La Liga game against Deportivo, in which Real Madrid will fight for the title (Saturday, 5:00pm, CEST). The French coach analysed the game at Riazor: “We have to start the game well. It will be a tricky game away from home. Deportivo are a good team who know how to play football. They will want to end the season in the best possible way in front of their fans. We need to be focussed on what we have to do from the first minute to the last. It will be difficult, but we will fight to try and win”.

“We have faith in La Liga. We have won the last 11 games and we are one point behind. We are going to keep the faith until the end, until the last minute, the last second. I’m not going to talk about the likelihood of us winning La Liga. What I’m concerned about is our game. That is what we can control. We can do things well and know that if we win the three points we can hope. I’m not looking at or listening to anything else, I’m interested in our game”.

Focused on their game
“I’m not going to focus on what others do. I can talk about what we’re going to do. We are faced with the final game in La Liga, we have to play our best game to get the three points. There is nothing else on our minds. We have to do everything to try and win, as always”.

Rumours in the final La Liga game
“I can talk about real things. We can join together and keep on with our work. I say what I think, it is not a strategy. The most important thing for me is tomorrow’s game. I have the good fortune to be at the helm of Real Madrid and what concerns me is what we ourselves are going to do. It is easy to talk about Granada… but we’re focussed on our game”.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I am only focussed on tomorrow’s game. This is the last press conference before a La Liga game. We are only focussing on our football an on what we’re going to do tomorrow”.

“We have to start the game well because it will be difficult.”

“Tomorrow will be the game of our lives because we are playing for something. After this game we have another important one, which every team wants to win. The game on the 28th will be 50/50. Anyone who says otherwise is lying”.

The possibility of winning titles
“I have dreamt of it. I have spent a long time at this club. The president has given me this opportunity to train this team and I want to do that well and do everything to see to it that the club wins. I have learnt a lot in these four months. It is not the same training in the Segunda División B as training this team. I like it and I’m very happy”.

His future
“I don’t know if I have earned the opportunity to continue. The key thing for me is the work I have done up to this point with the players, which has been good. There were a lot of doubts and i can understand that. I haven’t won anything. I haven’t won anything to make me think that I can stay on. We have two finals to play. The work that has been done so far has been phenomenal. Tomorrow we will find out how the first final goes and later on, we’ll find out about the second”.

His apprenticeship as a coach
“This level means: playing important games every three days. In the beginning it wasn’t easy because there is a lot of pressure. There still is now, but every day I’m getting better and feeling more at ease”.

Barcelona’s game
“I won’t know what’s going to happen until the end. We don’t depend on ourselves, but we don’t have to think about the other game, just about our game and winning. Afterwards we’ll see what happens”.

“I ask the same of all the players and he is doing what I ask. I have 23 world-class players and in the end I have to take decisions. You always talk about James or Isco. But that is life in a group of 23 players. I want a lot from James as a player and a person, the same as with everyone, but I have to choose eleven. I am happy with what he is doing and I’m not going to ask for more because he delivers and gives everything every time he plays. This means he is a professional”.

Call Ups

The following players were called up for the match (hint: the entire squad, even the injured Lucas):

Goalkeepers: Keylor Navas, Casilla and Yáñez.
Defenders: Varane, Pepe, Ramos, Nacho, Marcelo, Carvajal, Arbeloa and Danilo.
Midfielders: Kroos, James, Bale, Casemiro, Kovacic, Modric and Isco.
Forwards: Cristiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Lucas Vázquez and Jesé.


The team traveled to A Coruña today and were greeted by hundreds of happy fans. They are headquartered at the Hesperia Finisterre hotel.

Oh and Karim, Keylor, Dani & The Baby played alongside the kiddies in the Audi Junior Cup. The kids look so excited!

Speaking of kids, since we’re all so sad, how about some woobinses? That always makes me feel a wee bit better. Today is Emily’s (Pepe) and Alejandra’s (Nacho). But Albita wins for the best birthday cake a couple of weeks ago!

Mis pequeñas chulapas ! Como me tienen enamorado ❤️😘🎂👶👶👪💖

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Minhas pequenas princesas! Com vocês tudo é mais especial 👭 #mothersday #diadasmaes #diadelamadre

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Felicidades muñeca! 👑 #lomejordemividaerestu

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Felicidades princesa. Lo mejor de mi vida ❤️🐣🎉

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¡Celebrando los 6 añazos de mi princesa! ¡Te quiero! 🎂🎉🎁

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Y hoy cumple 3 meses la otra princesa de la casa! Celebración tras celebración 🎉🎉🎉

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De estreno! @nerolibynagore #nerolibynagore #buhobcn #stellamccartney #nanos #monnalisa #rayban

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Celebrando San Isidro de Chulapa 🌹

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Mi cantante linda 💖

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Ternura con mi bebé 💗👼🏽👩‍❤️‍👩 #Bianca #quebonitaeres

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A tutte le mamme auguri 💘 🇮🇹#festadellamamma

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Nos gusta mayo ⭐️🌸 #muchomucho #Zoe #princesademama #mesdelasflores 👑: @oliviaycloe

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Mi chulapa ❤️ #quevivaSanIsidro 💃🏽

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#enzoboy 😳

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Primos lindos de viver ❤️ #LiameCloe

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Meu pinguinho de Amor ❤️

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Felizes!!! Hala Madrid!!! 🎉👏🏻⚽️12!❤️#marcelopapaitop#LiamEnzo

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Hala Madrid! Viva o papai! ❤️🎉👏🏻🔝#marcelopapaitop#LiamEnzo

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Full belly!!🍛🍗😋

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Good morning👍😍

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And, of course, it never hurts to end on Cristiano throwing some Blue Steel.


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And he’s not the only one who can serve face:


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Bring it, Junior!


– Lozil

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