Pipita: Shakin’ (Massive) Ass & Breaking Records

18 May

13248610_10209285876853469_8689946830046995902_oWatishista/Napoli fan extraordinaire Maria Rosaria is over the moon that her beloved Pipita broke a 66 year Serie A scoring record. I’m right there with her! Hala Pipita!

Pipa blasted in a hat trick vs. Frosinone over the weekend to assure Napoli’s second place finish in Serie A (See you in the Champions League next year, boo!). This brought his goal total to 36 in a single campaign, beating the record of 35 set by AC Milan’s Gunnar Nordahl way back in in 1949-50. BRAVO!

Maria Rosaria sent me this catchy little Gonzalo-centric ditty which urges listeners to “c’mon and shake your ass”

I told her that I’d leave the arse shaking to King Ba Donk because his butt is made for that action. I’m always amazed at how fast he can run considering the amount of junk in that trunk (see also Nando). It’s like he’s packed for a year-long around the world trip in the trunk of a Mini Cooper. Not that I’m complaining!

13116482_10209286037617488_883878452540419362_oI love how much Napoli fans adore Pipa and how well they treat him. He deserves all good things. It’s like seeing your ex with a new person that is perfect for them. It kinda breaks your heart, but you know they’re in the best place that they possibly could be.

– Lozil

3 Responses to “Pipita: Shakin’ (Massive) Ass & Breaking Records”

  1. Maria Rosaria May 19, 2016 at 4:59 am #


  2. jellyace May 20, 2016 at 7:12 am #

    Gosh! I miss Pipita but he seems to be in the best place. Happy for our Applebum!

  3. M May 20, 2016 at 2:12 pm #

    I’m so happy for him. Still miss him though.

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