Euro 2016 Songs: Wales’ Official Anthem “Together Stronger (C’mon Wales)”

11 Jun

JS89580952Watishista Mandy found the official Wales Euro song for us and I was delighted to see that it was by a band I love: Manic Street Preachers. 

Being the Manics I knew it would bring the rock instead of Spain’s cheery Euro disco. However, Manics bassist & football lover Nicky Wire decided to attempt cramming what seems like the entirety of Wales’ soccer history into the lyrics. But hey, the Manics have always been wordy. (And speaking of the Manics, I can’t help but resurrect the genius that is ‘Mertesacker Emptiness“)

wales-manicsHaving a great band like the Manics do your official song somewhat eases the blow of Aaron Ramsey going Full Ramos.

aaron-ramsey-wales_3477060Of all the hairdonts to emulate… Anyhow, you can read a bit about the genesis of the song here. There’s a Welsh soccer pub in my new neighborhood that’s awesome. I may head down there to watch the Wales match today. It seems like the place to be for that event!

– Lozil

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